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“City of Peace” is known to be the nickname of Sharm El-Sheikh because of the many peace conferences held in this city. But it is not just the reason why this place is so well-known nowadays. Just imagine great white sand beaches, turquoise clear waters, blazing midday sun and captivating desert landscapes. Does that sound almost paradise to you?

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Located in the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh boasts a grandiose coastal strip of the Red Sea; and this is why this place is already considered one of Egypt’s best known beach resorts. It is one of the hottest beaches for summer but in winter it is warm and pleasant.

The boardwalk is lined with hotels and resorts you can choose from depending on the budget at hand. The range is from small, affordable intimate hotels to three- to five-star international chains of hotels.

When opting for Sharm El Sheikh holidays you just can’t go wrong. You can even bring your whole family along because the place has plenty of activities to offer for both young and old.

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If you’re a scuba diving/snorkeling enthusiast like me, you’ll definitely thank the heavens above for a place like this one. The underwater scenery is amazing; you might want to cry out of sheer happiness. It houses a colorful marine life with its magnificent corals and flora, and exotic multihued tropical fishes. Plus, there are a lot of dive shops who can lend you any diving equipments for a very reasonable price, too.

But if you haven’t overcome your fear of the water, you don’t have to fret because this Egyptian paradise still has a lot to offer. You and your family can get a hang of outdoor activities like desert safari, horse and camel riding, play golf or visit nearby points of attraction like the St. Catherine’s Monastery. For the oldies but goodies, a dip in the sulphur hot springs will instantly become their favorite because it is considered to be a cure for rheumatic and skin diseases.

Sharm El Sheikh (2014-02-05) 10As night time falls, the bougainvillea and oleander-lined boardwalk is as vivid and lively as the Las Vegas Strip. A fascinating circus unfolds right before your eyes with various floorshows, bright lights, casinos, discos, live Arabic and Western bands, and other forms of entertainment. There may be clubs and pubs but since it is an Islamic community, drinks are still pricey.

For at least a day or two, you will really be overwhelmed with activities that you might want to skip sleeping and proceed to other itineraries. You can definitely enjoy the sun, sea, and sand as much as you want but just a little tip which I also got from a friend of mine which is very useful in travelling in this part of the world, “Wear a hat and sunglasses. Salt your food. Drink twice as much water as you think you need!” 🙂

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  1. Mary

    I really enjoyed this description! The coastal activities of El-Sheikh sound like a really relaxing part of Egypt that I’d love to explore!

  2. WYNNA Post author

    Hi there Mary! Sharm is as charming as its name. If you visit Sharm, please do tell us about your experience too!

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