Surf Travel to Costa Rica Continues to Grow

Surfing At Playa Grande Costa Rica

If you travel frequently, you might notice an increasing amount of over-sized luggage in the shape of surfboards.  Where are these boards going?  Chances are they are going to San Jose or Liberia, Costa Rica’s two international airports, both of which are just a short drive to some of the best surfing beaches in the world.

Surfers from all over the world have discovery how easy it is to get to “Costa,” where warm waters and consistent swells are found year round in addition to great food, amazing scenery and much more.

Costa Rica has surfing conditions for all skill levels.  Tamarindo is a sheltered beach break ideal for learning the sport with expert instruction.  Playa Grande is an intermediate break that can become expert only when swells are quite large.  Playa Avellanas in front of Hacienda Pinilla has breaks for beginners and advanced surfers. Playa Negra is barreling wave between rocky outcroppings so best left to the experienced.  Witch’s Rock and Olie’s Point are breaks only accessible by boat.

North Americans are most often found in Costa Rica in the winter months up North.  Waters from on both coasts are quite cold, whereas Costa Rica waters are normally are in the high 70s or low 80s.

Costa Rica surfing is so popular that all major surf breaks have many surf shops around that rent boards. You can get both glass and epoxy options as well as all kinds of shapes and sizes: fish, fun boards, short boards, long boards, quad fins, etc.

If you are thinking about a Costa Rica surfing vacation, you might want to check out some local advice and see what the swell is supposed to do., focused on Playa Grande Costa Rica, maintains an excellent set of swell predictors running at all times.

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