Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica Review


Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica

Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica

Just wow right!  The Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica is an assembly of experience and technology, and is a must have for avid players. With a gold plated brass mouthpiece, chrome plated brass covers, phosphor bronze reeds, and a plastic resin body, the Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica is excellent for the professional and wonderfully brilliant for a starter chromatic.

The aesthetic beauty of the Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic Harmonic is worth mentioning. In fact, it almost resembles a baby grand piano, which hints at a versatility in sound.

The prospective versatility, music style, and potential can be witnessed once the instrument is first brought into play. You should not have any trouble playing along with your music of choice or composing your own music for a solo or complimentary piece. With a 64 note capability, and 128 reeds, playing a famous piece of music and creativity is a breeze.

Although the Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica is a professional 16 hole chromatic Harmonica, those beginning to play a chromatic and professionals alike can take advantage of its unique sound.  This is because the ABS-Plastic comb is designed in a very intelligent way to minimize the use of air.  This makes the harmonica very responsive and surprisingly easy to play.

Mix together a rich tremolo sound and a world class chromatic harmonica with a slider, and then you might come close to the Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica. Its brilliant sound will follow you to your dreams, and you will wish to have one for your band, or within your recorded musical composition piece.

Like other Suzuki harmonica products, you can’t beat the response and comfort of the Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica. Although, the Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica can produce beautiful music at a concert, after constant demands you will eventually have replace your tremolo. However, for studio performance, you can count on this tremolo to deliver quality material.

Furthermore, when it comes to bendability, the Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica can produce the missing notes that you may need. However, bendability is not recommended, because it will wear out the instrument before long, and then it will not be able to withstand any high demands. In fact, replacement reeds for tremolos are not yet made for this instrument. That is something to consider.  If this changes at some point please point it out in the comments below.

Of course, you can clean this instrument, which will reduce clogging and prolong your instrument but it can be a tad finicky to take apart and put back together.  This is to be expected though as a double-reed Tremolo-chromatic is really a feat of engineering.  So be careful and look out for some really small parts and be easy on the screws for the cover plates, already one seems to be slightly stripped.

So far there really hasn’t been anything too negative to point out.  The tuning can be rather sensitive and change after sitting a couple days, even just playing it can change the tuning but this may be intentional so that different playing techniques actually influence the tremolo-tuning.  Perhaps you might see it as being adaptive.

In Summary, this Tremolo won’t disappoint!  Weather you’re just looking for something to play within a small intimate setting for family and friends, or maybe a small intimate concert or coffee house, the Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica will deliver.

Once you experience the sound of the Suzuki Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica, you won’t want to let it go. Even at full price, this instrument is worth every penny, and is a good investment for harmonica music lovers.

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