A visit to Orlando would be incomplete without a visit to its world-class theme parks. Orlando’s adventure parks are consistently ranked as the best in the world. With over 51million visitors per year, the parks act as a magnet for families looking for fun-filled vacations. The huge theme parks offer exhilarating rides, unforgettable experiences, and memorable dining.

But there are a few classic traps that visitors can fall into that can be very easily avoided. Follow these five simple steps and you will have the time of your life!

Plan your trip

Being spontaneous is sometimes the most fun you can have, but planning ahead means that you can manage expectations (especially with small children), book anything that’s really popular, and also avoid missing something  amazing. For example, some of the bigger ‘kids’ don’t know that Disney has its own speedway that offers visitors the chance to race a NASCAR.

Knowing what’s available and where everything is will help you build a rough itinerary for your stay, avoid wandering around looking for particular things and give you a much greater experience of Orlando’s Theme Parks.

Plan ahead! The Walt Disney World Speedway. Photo by Curtis Palmer.

Watch what you eat!

Given the size of DisneyWorld, even if you’re making full use of the transportation system it’s possible to walk over 10 miles during the course of an average day. But how many people do you know who return from Florida looking slimmer? Eating fast food, chocolate Mickey bars, and drinking huge soft drinks might be fun, but why counteract the effects of all that walking?

Pack your own water and carry snacks for those hunger pangs during the day. Dried fruit, oats, and water in place of hamburgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks might mean that you can enjoy that post-dinner dessert without any guilt.

Pack for comfort

For both children and adults, comfortable shoes are a must. You’re going to be excitedly whizzing around the theme parks, and you’ll want to see everything. Definitely dress for comfort, and remember that while the Sunshine State does its best to please guests, packing for the eventuality of bad weather is always wise, too, so having a few thin layers will ensure you are comfortable throughout the day and evening. Packing for bad weather is a must for all cruise and stay holidays anyway!

Buy a Disney PhotoPass

Disney’s PhotoPass service is available at all of the main attractions within the theme park, and is the finishing touch to complete your Disney Florida holidays. Forget about trying to find someone to take a picture of you and leave it to the professionals to take your pictures with all of your favourite childhood characters, have it all collated centrally online, and then have the option to print all manner of merchandise afterwards, from fridge magnets to water bottles.

Have professionally taken photos of all the special moments with PhotoPass at Disney. (Erik Hersman.)

Have a meet-up point

This one really goes for any travel that you do, but especially so in theme parks where there are thousands of places to lose people. Be sure to pick somewhere unique that everyone can find, and consider setting boundaries as well.

And finally…

Most theme parks offer the option to check a bag in to avoid you having to carry it around all day. Remember to take regular breaks, and to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated during the day.

If you follow these basic guidelines you’ll be safe and ready for perfect holidays in Orlando in 2013.

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Disney, oh how I love you. From a fascinated child replaying Cinderella and daydreaming of meeting my own Prince Charming to a young adult captivated by the magic and majestic greatness of the Disney theme parks. All in all Disney is my secret obsession (I even have a tiara tattooed to the back of my neck mostly because of my obsession with the Disney Princesses.) and my goal is to travel to each and every location of Disney’s theme parks.  Altogether there are 5 Disney resorts around the globe (and one more coming soon!) as of now I have been to the 2 in the US. There is:

  • Disneyland Resort California, USA; Glide through the skies of the Golden State while on Soarin’ Over California or if you’re more into the horrifying Hollywood scene be prepared for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Continue throughout the resort to Disneyland Park and you will find a little bit for everyone; a mysterious Indiana Jones Adventure, an exploring out-of-this-world adventure at Space Mountain and/or some flight lessons with America’s beloved elephant on Dumbo the Flying Elephant.
  • Walt Disney World Resort– Florida, USA; Travel through and experience 11 different cultural nations within Epcot, race down one of the tallest and fastest waterslides in the World at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, be captivated by the wide range of extraordinary animals and safari attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, get a glimpse of behind-the-scene action of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and fall in love with all your favorite characters where fairytales do exist at Disney’s  Magic Kingdom Park.
  •  Disneyland Resort Paris Paris, France; Say Bonjour to all the wonder and excitement within Europe’s only Disney location. We all know It’s a Small World but on this cheerful musical tour in Fantasyland you’ll be singing and dancing along to the multinational dolls around the park, travel through space a second time on Space Mountain: Mission 2, prepare yourself for the wildest train ride on Big Thunder Mountain and ‘Ahoy Mateys!’ live out that childhood fantasy of becoming a pirate on the Pirates of the Caribbean thrill ride.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Hong Kong, China; Be a part of Andy’s toy box with Woody and Buzz in Toy Story land where you feel like the size of a toy yourself, discover the futuristic realm of out-of-this-world rollercoasters and alien friends strolling through  Tomorrowland, create your own jungle adventure in Adventureland like Tarzan and attend a magical Broadway-like performance based on “The Lion King”, visit all your favorite Disney Princesses within their castles in Fantasyland and wrap up your visit with a stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. and experience one of their exciting parades.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort– Tokyo, Japan; This is the newest Disney location and has made quite an impression already. Altogether there are seven theme parks within this Disney resort including Critter Country where you can experience the thrills of Splash Mountain, Westernland that hosts the old western feel as well as the majestic Mark Twain Riverboat,  Adventureland lets you show off your daring personality in the Jungle Cruise, meet all your favorite Disney characters and visit the magic of all that makes Disney what it is in Fantasyland, get a little crazy with Chip and Dale or be Minnie’s guest at her quaint cottage in Toontown, fast forward into a land of space adventure and aliens in Tomorrowland and get a little taste of history from around the world in World Bazaar where you can browse through the Disney Gallery or take a tour by the Omnibus.

Coming soon:  Shanghai Disney Resort!

Now perhaps visiting every Disney location isn’t on everyone’s bucket list of things to do but come on, this is the Happiest Place on Earth and it’s now available 5 different places around the globe, how cool is that?! It’s time to cater to that inner child of yours and let loose with all the excitement and magic that Disney offers to all their guests. Whoever has been to at least one of their grand resorts knows what I’m talking about, admit it you’d go again right?!