Are you looking to tour the Royal Opera House?  Maybe you want to check out the works of Charles Dickens or Shakespeare at the British Library.  No, OK how about enjoy authentic cuisine from Turkey, France, Japan, or any other place you can think of in the entire world.  London has it all and is one of the most exciting, beautiful and tireless places you can visit.  There is always something new, exciting and unique to look forward to.

Where Should You Stay in London?

One of the very best places to stay in London, if you’re also looking for a cheaper hostel, is Safestay. This new hostel is in John Smith House, close to the Elephant & Castle tube station – a house that used to be the headquarters of the Labor party. A stylish common room with pool tables, a bar and comfy upholstered armchairs, as well as some of the best duvets in your bedroom and excellent guest privacy benefits ensure that the Safestay Hostel will undoubtedly be a memorable place to stay, as you explore the city.

Palmers Lodge runs two beautiful hotels in London, both of which are quite unique, cozy and promoting a pleasant social atmosphere. Swiss Cottage is a more laid back and relaxing place, where you can browse through your tablet or laptop in the common room, or enjoy an outstanding onsite bar, where you can meet plenty of interesting people, or just have an inexpensive drink.

The other hotel is known as Hillspring Lodge and is a more modern, stunningly furbished place to stay. Here you can enjoy peaceful neighborhood, a chilled out atmosphere and plenty of unique items to check out – such as deer rugs hanging from the ceiling, or a remarkably unconventional garden.

If you want easy access to central London, and you still don’t want necessarily to spend a lot of money on a West End hotel room, you can check out Bloomsbury. Quite close to Leicester Square and Covent Garden, this is a beautiful luxury hotel district and one of the most attractive places to stay in London. It is also an excellent place, if you want to stay in an area that would allow you to explore some of the best places in the city on foot.

The Best Places to Eat

London has plenty of restaurants and food places – in fact, there are literally hundreds of them. Here, you can enjoy just about anything you can imagine from the delights of world cuisine, and in some of the places it won’t even cost you too much:

• Koba has been around since 2005, and remains one of the top Korean restaurants in London. Here you can enjoy consistent, quality meals every day, including spicy stews, barbecued meats and virtually anything that has to do with fish.
• If you enjoy Italian and French dishes with a British touch, Primeur is the perfect minimalist place to visit. Primeur provides excellent service, great specials, comfy chairs, and the best lamb leg with olives and flat beans.
• With a terrace that comes with a stunning view of Granary Square and a huge interior dining room with concrete floors, Caravan King’s Cross. A truly creative place to enjoy culinary art from around the world, this restaurant mixes international flavors in the most unlikely and inventive of ways.  Seriously, each new meal is a real adventure.

Things You Simply Have to Do When Visiting London

The 900 year-old Tower of London is definitely the first location you should consider visiting. The stunning Crown Jewels are just one of the magnificent sites you’ll have to see, and there is also a whole lot of entertainment and historical attractions to enjoy.

Art lovers will definitely enjoy the Tate Boat. Tate Modern and Tate Britain are two of the most exciting art museums in the world.  You can visit them both in style, while enjoying a pleasant journey on the Thames aboard the Tate Boat – a boat that travels between the two museum every 40 minutes.

Since 2014, Foyles, the largest independent bookstore in London has moved to its brand new home on 107 Charing Cross Road, and anyone who hasn’t seen it yet should definitely have this place on their bucket list. Either levels of bookshelves, an art gallery, a hi-tech interactive search tool to find your favorite rare titles, and a stylish cafe make Foyles Charing Cross Road one of the best places to visit in London.

Insider Tips for Visitors

Did you know you can go back in time in London? We’re not necessarily talking Doctor Who or H.G. Wells, but Dennis Severs’ House is practically the next best thing. It features genuine rooms “lost in time” with items restored from the Huguenot period in East London, and it’s open for tours all year round.

Each room in the house shows a real still life image of 18th century silk weavers’ households that you can admire without ever meeting anyone. Basically, walking into Dennis Severs’ House is like walking into a classical painting from one of the Old Masters, except every item and object you see is completely genuine.

Spending a Unique Day in London – Off the Beaten Path

Spending a day in London can always be a true adventure. You can start by experiencing the diversity of the city, visiting Brixton market in the early morning, and head down to Kaff to enjoy their famous jambalaya pancakes for a truly delicious breakfast.

You can have your pick of museums in London, each stunning art museum you see more unique and different than the next. Visit one or both of the Tate museums, or if you’re more of a fan of recent 20th century designs, check out the Geffrye Museum for an unforgettable experience in their 1960s room.

For a truly unique way to view the city, head towards Regent Canal to enjoy kayaking and stopping at various cafes and pubs down the canal for an extra treat and a bite to eat.

In the evening, you can visit Notting Hill and check out the stunning Electric Cinema, enjoy free rush-hour concerts at a number of historic venues throughout the city, or have a completely unique experience checking out Broadway transfers in London’s West End.

You’d need years to check out all the amazing things to do in London, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to see as much as you can even during a short vacation. One thing is certain: this is truly a city that will never disappoint you!

While London and Manchester, as well as the rest of those major photographer hotspots in England, capture the hearts of tourists around the globe, there are plenty of small town destinations in England you should be putting on your bucket list of travels. The following small town destinations are entertaining, fun and completely worth your while during your stay. So grab your cameras and travel to the unexplored beauty of England’s  small towns!

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Clovelly, England

Clovelly (2) (panorama)

A fun little fact for you; the town of Clovelly has been pictured in more calendars than any other village in England. This small community cascades down to a waterfront.  (Photographers: you will have a field day!) I guess the steep hill is why many do not drop by  here on a visit.  You will need to park your car at the top and then make your way by foot down to the main part of the village. But once you make the trek down, the experience is truly worth your while! You can check out a variety of village walking tours that take you through the community’s cobble stone streets and even meet the ‘famous’ Clovelly donkeys that bring supplies up and down the steep hill every day.

Painswick, England

Tree lights at Painswick Church

In the heart of the Cotswolds, this old town is extraordinarily well preserved and history buff photographers will be glad to know there are plenty of ancient buildings to indulge in. Some of these old buildings guard the narrow streets and the pale grey limestone creates an even more historic feel to Painswick. While visiting make sure you check out the various landmarks that make up this small town.

  • Painswick Rococo Garden- These gardens are the sole survivor from the brief early 18th century period of English Rococo Garden design.
  • St. Mary’s Church- The churchyard is famed for its 99 yew trees which were planted around 1792. According to ‘legend’ the Devil won’t let the 100th yew tree grow and it dies anytime someone plants one.

Betws-y-Coed, England

Afon Llugwy (rushing on through Betws y Coed)

With an interesting name like this, you’ve got to at least be curious about what could be lying within its borders. This small town village can be found within Snowdonia National Park. Photographers can explore the tumbling rivers and gorgeous waterfalls set against an ideal backdrop of mountain scenery. With eight different bridges to traverse, Betws-y-Coed is the ideal small town to check out if you also plan on going exploring within North Wales. Make sure to check out some of the most breathtaking spots in the village.

  • Gwydir Forest– Here you can get shots of various wildlife and as the altitude is nice and easy you can focus quite well on capturing all the beauty that will surround you.
  • St. Michael’s Church– This is a very nicely restored church building and you can capture all the rich history that has been stored since 1873.
  • Fairy Glen– This deep gorge is surrounded by an endless array of scenic beauty that is just waiting for you to indulge in.

What small towns have you been able to capture in your camera lens?