Winter is just about finishing up in most parts of the world but for some, cold climates and constant snowfall is the norm. So with all you in mind out in Switzerland, Canada, Russia, etc. this post is for you. While others may be planning a day trip at the beach you can be getting ready for some luxury skiing holidays that will rock your socks! I have put together a list of the top 5 must-see ski resorts where you can enjoy a winter wonderland year-round. Let me know if I missed any really good ones that you’d suggest.

The Top 5 Ski Resorts Around The World

Imagine taking the big dive into one of these snow-filled mountains!

 Vail, Colorado

This ski resort has been known to many as “America’s favorite resort” as it hosts the largest ski area in the US (5,300 acres!) and the fastest high-speed detachable quads on one mountain. This resort is pretty intense and caters plenty of other wintery activities like dog sledding, ice skating, hockey, snowmobiling etc. I don’t know about you, but dog sledding sounds like it’d be one awesome adventure!

Zermatt, Switzerland

This is a place where things may get a little quiet, but don’t let that fool you! Not in the least bit, because this is one heck of a ski resort to check out. Zermatt holds the world’s second biggest lift-served vertical drop and contains plenty of snowfall and outrageous adventure in their peaks. Gstadd and St.Moritz (a few other close by resorts) are also great experiences but if you want to indulge in the luxury, Zermatt’s no-car policy will really get you in the mood for relaxing and focusing on the slopes.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

If anyone of you reading this post is from Europe chances are, you’ve heard of this ski resort. For good reason too, this resort is considered the “Pearl of the Alps” and perhaps the most famous holiday resort in the Austrian Tyrol since it’s been around since the late 1800s. This is the place to get your skiing on and enjoy the plush piles of snow just waiting for you to break in.

Aspen, Colorado

I didn’t really want to put two resorts that are located so close to each other on this list, but what the heck? They’re both completely unique and worth being on this list. Especially if you want to ski with the rich and famous Aspen is DEFINITELY the place to be. No matter what skiing level you are, there’s a place for you (perhaps with a hefty price though) as there are various land groves located here. Aspen is also well-known for its steeps and its four mountains that are not linked (which are fabulous by the way).

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

These towering mountains provide the best skiing in North America, with the biggest vertical drop. (It’s impressive what a difference 30 years and $600 million can make.) Whistler has been constantly voted as “Best North American Ski Resort” and has been unofficially claimed as the “World’s Greatest Ski Resort”. Oddly enough skiing isn’t the only thing Whistler is becoming known for, as they provide a wide arrange of cultured foods in their resort that attract tourists as well so keep that in mind while planning.

Take in all the gorgeous views from a birds-eye view!

Alright so there you have it, The Top 5 Ski Resorts Around The World! In the big world of skiing I know there’s a ton that could qualify for this list but I had to be somewhat selective so what are your thoughts? If you’ve been to any of these, go ahead and share your experiences!!

I feel this post should have a disclaimer, so here it goes: Anything you read, see or somehow hear on this post that makes you feel I was under the influence of alcohol during these events, I have to shamefully admit I completely knew what I was doing and the dancing described below is just ‘how I do’. So with that being said, let me take you to a night scene of rocking techno music by one of the best ranked British DJs, Amman’s classiest nightclub and of course some ridiculous American dancing on my part. Enjoy!

Facebook is such a great tool when it comes to finding out what’s going on and what’s new in the area no matter where you are. So as I received the invite to go see Paul Mendez live I was pretty stoked because I didn’t think there’d be well-known international DJs performing in Jordan. I didn’t really know much about Paul Mendez at first besides the fact he was British, but the more I googled I found out he has had quite a career in the DJ business (17 years, imagine that!) and was considered the 5th best DJ in England and 25th in the World. So by now, I was pumped and just HAD to go!

I too, have a history in the night club scene, not 17 years, but I give myself props for traveling 45 min back and forth to the nearest nightclub by my hometown, dancing my ‘tail feather’ off and then going to work in the morning the next day. So things are a little different this time around but hey, it’s time to discover the hidden treasures of Amman’s nightlife and just see how it compares to the rest of the World.

Like the rest of the Arabic time schedules, everything was running pretty late. My husband and I got there around 11:30 I suppose and it wasn’t until 12:30ish that Paul Mendez began to perform. This was a little disappointing since he was supposed to begin around 10, but it gave our group a chance to talk and have some laughs before we stepped on the dance floor. That’s when things got interesting…

As the beats kept on coming and the lights bounced around the nightclub I slowly began to forget that I am in a more conservative country. With that being said, I felt the need to show off my Jersey Shore roots and fist pump through Mendez’s playlist of mainstream hits. I wish I could stop there and say that was the end of my stereotypical dance moves but oh no, there’s a WHOLE LIST of ridiculous (but I guess not embarrassing enough because I kept doing them) dance moves that I introduced to the Amman community.

‘The Robot’- yep, I went there and I failed horribly haha. My robot became an overly enthused rendition of the Tin Man, which may be perfect for Broadway but not really too great in the nightclub scene.

‘The Booty Pop’- Perhaps it’s just me but when I see those rap videos and see those girls going low and doing all kinds of crazy moves with their backside I legit believe it can’t be that hard. Once again, proven wrong in that department. I looked more like a chicken jetting off to fly than a bootylicious diva queen.

‘The Lawnmower’- I learned that night one should NEVER attempt this move when the majority of these dancers have never seen a full yard of grass, let alone a lawnmower. I executed the move to the t but that’s not really too impressive when no one had any idea what it was.

‘The Running Man’- I’m sure everyone was hoping I would really run away after all my little performances but I fooled them! Personally I think I did this move pretty good, the only problem, I did it while doing the hippie peace motions across my eyes.

I also attempted Shuffling and numerous other dance moves that should just never be talked about again. All in all I had a great time though and I’m sure everyone else did as well, laughing at me. I know I’m not the only bad dancer out there, come guys admit it, who else has had some memorable club moments? You can even say a ‘friend’ of yours did it if you don’t want to admit it was really you ;)

Ladies this one’s for you! Going to Europe is usually on one’s bucket list of travels but besides the history, the food and the fun that’s planned you have to admit hearing those hot European men seducing you (well that’s what we’d like to think) with that unbroken English has got to be the best perk of visiting Europe. Think about it, would Antonio Banderas have the same effect if he were to lose that sultry Spanish accent that lures you in for more? I have to admit I have yet to visit all of these places in Europe but because of my previous work, meeting these sexy accent guys has been possible. I’ve put together a countdown of the top 5 sexiest European accents that I’ve personally heard and of course you may or may not agree so feel free to leave comments and let me know what countries you think produce some of the sexiest European accents.

Number 5: Greece– Although there aren’t many who would put the Greek language at the top of their list for sexy, the way Greek men speak English definitely belongs in this category. Of course you’ll find those stereotypical loud mouths that love shouting out every word but if you get lucky (and I hope you do) you’ll find that many of the Greeks have that old world way about them that makes their English just that much more unique and sexy.

Number 4: Scotland- The first things to come to my head when I hear the country Scotland are bagpipes, kilts and men with way too much testosterone. However, when you see Gerald Butler in PS I Love You or Sean Connery as James Bond those things are not even close to what’s on your mind. The best way to describe the accent is a raspy, manly and just an all-around deep voice that comes out of these Scottish men. So perhaps they fancy kilts? We’ll let that slide just to hear them talk ;)

Number 3: Ireland- Usually known for some wild and crazy times and mostly associated with the leprechaun, the Irish menfolk have some seriously sexy accents. Personally cursing is not really an attractive trait but my, oh my, that swear jar I have at home can get tossed in the can to listen to these Irish men talk. After all, what’s sexier than a guy that knows how to have some fun?!

Number 2: Spain- Oh yes, we have gotten to the sultry, fiesta-loving country of hot accents. There are plenty of Spanish-speaking countries out there but Spain shines through as sexy for two reasons; one, they have this unique way of whispering at just the right time and two, they brought us Antonio Banderas and we all know Zorro would never be the same without him.

Number 1: Italy– This is where things get a little more on the romantic side and the way Italians love their pastas is the way we love their accents.  It’s not just the way they say things but rather what they tend to say. Babe and sweetie are nice pet names but the moment an Italian man calls you Bella Ragazza (beautiful girl) there’s just no comparison to how beautiful that sounds no matter if you understood what it meant or not.

Alright so some of you may be fueling with rage on why France, England or other very sexy accent countries weren’t put on this list but this list was just personal preferences.  If I were to keep it going I could list each European country by how sexy their accents were, but we all know that would be way too long of an article and who wants to sit at the computer and read all day when there’s all these sexy accents just waiting to be heard! Comment and let me know what countries you find host the sexiest European accents or maybe you agree with me, I want your opinions. Oh, and if you happen to know my husband, tell him I will also do Middle Eastern accents at a later date, he’ll understand ;)

I was home from the ceremony by midnight, but could still here the blaring ranchero music when I drifted off to sleep around two.  I had expected it to be a loud night and didn’t really mind.  It’s not every day you turn two-hundred.  This was the culmination for me, having traveled through North America and been in each country for its Independence Day.  But I should start at the beginning…

July 1st, Victoria, BC


“How independent is Canada really?” I teased my friend. It’s true, she confessed.  The Queen was visiting that Canada Day and an editorial in the newspaper seemed to capture the national sentiment – supporting a European Monarchy is ridiculous, but the Queen herself is so perfect no one has the heart to change things.

July 1st was also the first day of a new tax, the “harmonized sales tax”.  I found this name hilarious.  I assured my friends that in the U.S. we would never refer to a tax as harmonious.  We would never use those two words in the same sentence.

The streets were filled with festivities.  Everyone was dressed in red and white and seemed to be in an alcohol-assisted state of happiness.  This all fit with what I’ve heard about Canadians, extremely polite, and rather fond of beer.  According to my friend, a good deal of Canada’s current national identity can be linked back to a Molson’s commercial.

July 4th Gig Harbor, WA


On July 4th, we sailed from Victoria to Port Angeles, Washington.  A sign at the ferry terminal said, “Happy Independence, neighbor.”  We were eventually on our way to Portland which has a fabulous Blues Festival fourth of July weekend.  However, we spent the night in the small town of Gig Harbor on Puget Sound.  Things were fairly subdued. We sat at Tides Tavern and watched boat sail up to the dock to order to-go food.  It was early evening.  There was no municipal fireworks display and restaurants were closing.  “Everyone wants to go home and BBQ and let off fireworks with their family,” I explained to the Canadians, feeling a little embarrassed.

The lack of hoopla was fine with me.  I’m a bit uncomfortable with patriotism.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate what I have.  A representative, secular democracy is a great thing.  But I didn’t do anything to earn the privileges I enjoy.  I don’t feel proud to be American- I feel lucky.

September 16 –  Guanajuato, Gto


And now I am in Mexico for what is not just any Independence Day, but the Bicentennial.  And, I’m not just anywhere, but in Guanajuato where the first battle in the struggle for independence was fought and won.  Victory did not come swiftly.  The leaders of the fight for independence did not live to see the success of their efforts the way Washington and Jefferson did.  They were martyrs to the cause. For ten years, the Spanish displayed the cut-off heads of “the conspirators” hung in cages on the corners of the Alhondiga, a building which is now a museum.

Mexicans are night owls, so the big party was on the eve of Independence Day. People with flags, horns and confetti flooded down to the plaza in front of the Alhondiga.  Musicians performed, a slide show depicted images of Mexico’s history and people, a giant digital clock counted down the minutes until the “grito”. The “grito” is an annual reenactment of the cry for independence which was first given by the priest Miguel Hidalgo 200 years ago.  Now politicians repeat it to cheering crowds and one did so now.  We all yelled ¡Vive!, sang and watched fireworks.

Independence isn’t all its cracked up to be.   It’s hard to say if the world is really making progress.  Sometimes it seems that given the chance at self-determination, what people are determined to do is make war with their neighbors.  Fair and democratic elections have brought some really bad people to power.  One wonders if we have simply shifted from political to economic imperialism.  And of course, Mexico is having a hard time right now.  In the end though, it beats the alternative.  ¡Vive la Independencia!