Are you planning Tenerife holidays? If so, make sure you head to the south coast to check out its nightlife and beaches – a killer combination if ever there was one. To find out some of the top places to go to in Los Cristianos when the sun goes down, read our guide.

Los Cristianos is probably one of the island’s lesser-known destinations. It’s likely you’re familiar with its neighbour, Playa de las Americas, which is around 3 km away and pretty renowned for its nightlife.

OK, so Los Cristianos doesn’t have quite the same level of unstoppable nightlife as Playa de las Americas – but it’s still an amazing place to spend the evening. In fact, its combination of traditional fishing village charm and the variety of affordable clubs, bars and restaurants on offer make it a great choice if you’re looking for sun and any kind of evening entertainment.

So, what kind night-time attractions can you expect to find here?

Restaurants, bars and clubs

No matter whether you’re looking for a little sophistication or your holiday plans are firmly based around clubbing, finding a good restaurant or two is always a getaway staple. After all, we all need to eat!

Los Cristianos is home to a good selection of restaurants, and you’ll find plenty along the town’s scenic promenade, which looks out over the beach. If it’s authenticity you’re after, get yourself to Bar Nuestro, which you’ll find on Calle San Roque. The best thing about this place is, without doubt, its genuine local atmosphere – but the food is also pretty amazing (and equally authentic).

Playa América

Playa América (Photo credit: Contando Estrelas)

If you fancy treating yourself to some local seafood, Rincon de Marinero has a good reputation for it, and you’ll be able to sample regional food like a seafood stew – which will appear as ‘zarzuela’ on the menu.

Perhaps a little oddly, Los Cristianos’s prime nightlife is situated somewhere that’s a shopping centre during the day. The Centro Comercial San Telmo doesn’t look particularly inspiring in the daylight hours, but head here at night (it’s tucked away behind Playa de las Vistas) and you’ll have your pick of numerous clubs – more often than not venues that are cheaper than some of the island’s biggest resorts, which is always welcome news.


Now, it might not sound particularly exciting to have a night at your hotel, but don’t forget that the resorts here are really well equipped and plenty have some pretty decent entertainment. This kind of thing is always perfect for those lazy nights where you want to have a good time, but aren’t particularly keen on the idea of heading too far away from your accommodation.

The Arona Gran, which overlooks the harbour, is a particularly good place to stay. It’s close to the centre and has got heaps of great facilities for both nightlife and relaxing, including two bars, two restaurants and three swimming pools.

There are plenty of other hotels to choose from, of course, so it’s worth spending a little time finding the one that’s right for you.

A little further afield

Los Cristianos harbor

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Of course, there’s no need to limit yourself to Los Cristianos alone. After all, Playa de las Americas is close by and, while there’s certainly plenty to keep you going in Los Cristianos, it’s always worth doing a little exploring while you’re on holiday.

Plus, it’s here you’ll find one of the island’s casinos. So, if you were hoping to don some fancy clothes and have a flutter or two when not out sunning yourself on the sand, head to Casino de las Americas, which is in the basement of the Hotel Gran Tenerife.