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Excitement abound – the GS Mini was in at the local store and damn it, I had to buy it.  I’m in no way financially ready for this investment especially with Christmas coming but I couldn’t resist.  The powers were to great and my only comfort is holding the beautiful guitar and thinking, “It delivers”.

Guitar players looking for a big sound in a deceivingly small package should look no further than the Taylor GS Mini Acoustic – seriously!  Completely different from Taylor’s “Baby” guitars, this Mini is a treasure that will not disappoint even the pickiest player.

Small enough to fit into the overhead compartment on a plane, this six string guitar’s impressive tone can be taken virtually anywhere to be played at any given time.  Extremely lightweight, this guitar fits comfortably in the my lap, and gives off a rich, full sound when finger picked.

The way the body is designed allows the player’s arm to be bent at a less severe angle while playing, which is an extreme advantage to this model. The NT neck makes it easy to play – even for children and people with small hands, and the fret board’s ebony inlay makes for a fantastic visual, as well as making it easier to place fingers correctly.

Very few bad things can be said about this guitar, and the biggest complaint is that it does not sound as “bassy” as its larger counterparts; but it isn’t supposed to. For its size, price, and design, this GS Mini is everything that it needs to be, and more.

While not designed to reach the far corners of arenas, the tone and volume produced by this instrument’s full-sized sound hole are perfect in medium to large rooms.  A deeper body allows the Mini to be tuned to standard, taking away the “high strung” feel and sound from a smaller guitar.

This guitar comes with a hard case bag, which helps to protect the gorgeous back and sides of this guitar – which are made of laminated sapele, and gleam like gold in bright light.

Though most definitely not the same as a full sized guitar, this Taylor Mini offers many advantages to players. From the way that it fits on a player’s lap, to the simple, refined look of this model, Taylor has broken the boundary between large and small acoustic guitars wide open.

The first chord played on this model will highlight this guitar’s ability to stay in tune, carry across a room, and hold its own with the larger models. The fact that this is not a full sized guitar should not be a focal point; in fact this can sometimes be forgotten when concentrating on the way that this Taylor GS Mini looks, handles, and plays.

Bottom Line is I love it and definitely recommend this purchase to anyone with the extra cash.  I know Christmas is coming but it’s a great investment.

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