Ten of the Best Stag Weekend Activities

SDC10910Sometimes choosing your mate’s stag party destination depends on the activity you have in mind. Not all areas across the country have everything on offer, so staying centrally in a city often puts you within easy access of most stag-like shenanigans.
Save money with group bookings with Travelodge and leave plenty of cash to splash on making memories of your mate’s last night of freedom. Aim for an activity per day with lots of evening antics to follow.


  1. Combat activities are always a winner, and the paintballing companies know it. Whichever centre you choose around the UK, there’ll be a stag party package for you to take advantage of. This often includes lunch, all your gear and a few paintballs thrown in too.
  2. Men and their motors, hey. So long as everyone’s fit for the road, karting is a top daytime activity option. Don’t let bad weather put you off, some centres provide indoor karting for autumn and winter stags.
  3. Get suited and booted and hit the city casino. Definitely give the lads a heads up on this one, so they have time to get a bit of extra cash together.
  4. If you and your pals love a bit of tomfoolery, an It’s a Knockout theme day will be right up your street. Companies are available throughout the UK who will hire out and set up the equipment for you. Alternatively, look online for scheduled Knockout events.
  5. It’s an obvious one, but it’s got to be done! The pubs are calling, and it’s time to crawl them. They aren’t called pub crawls for nothing, either, so make sure you do it properly! Recommended routes in most major cities can be found on Google. Unsurprisingly, there are people who dedicate a lot of time to this sport.
  6. Nothing beats a bit of banter! Comedy clubs are the ideal start to your evening’s events. Have a laugh with your mates at a local city venue.
  7. Ale lovers unite! When the stag’s a fan of a pint or two, look to book yourselves in for a brewery tour one afternoon. Alternatively, if there isn’t one near to where you’re staying, beer testing is an forgivable activity substitute.
  8. A day at the dogs. Somehow overtaking the popularity of horse racing events on stag dos, greyhound racing often features on weekend itineraries. Party packages are available at various racecourses nationwide.
  9. Opt for thrills and spills and book tickets online for a day out at any of the highly acclaimed theme parks in the UK. Thorpe Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Alton Towers all have budget group accommodation close by.
  10. When you don’t need mechanics to get your adrenaline kicks, adventure parks are an exhilarating option for the outdoorsy types. Go Ape centres are open throughout the UK, with plenty of open-air adventures for an action packed afternoon.

Once you’ve decided on an activity, choose a city and get your group accommodation booked early. Get ready for the most epic event ever!

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  1. Yeity

    Signing up with all the blokes to take an interpretive naked art class – the stag can either be the painter or the painted.

  2. xhris

    I just read that list and they are all sure fire winners, so stereotypical but every one a classic!

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