The Alluring Spanish City of Alicante

If Barcelona is too overrated, or you have already finished all the tours and activities in Madrid, and you still want to stay somewhere in Spain that is not too crowded  – try the charming city of Alicante.

There are a lot of cheap flights to Alicante and you might want to enjoy the long stretch of sandy beaches paired with cool azure waters in this humble Spanish city. You’ll definitely enjoy a stress-free vacation away from the hustle bustle of the big cities.

Although Alicante may not be as popular as the more famous Spanish cities, holidays spent here promise to be full of fun-filled activities. And to help you go about this new destination let me give you my top five fun and interesting things to do in the city.

5. Go down History Lane

Santa Barbara Castle sits gloriously on top of Benacantil Hill. This site has been a witness to the dark and medieval past of Alicante. Complete with a lookout tower, palace, moat, dungeons and cannons, the castle is a remembrance of the Moorish reign. The best time to visit the castle is during the afternoon so when you take the lift (yes, an elevator is available) to the top you’ll get a breathtaking sunset view of the city, as well as, the Mediterranean Sea.

Santa Barbara Castle by Andrew C Parnell

Santa Barbara Castle by Andrew C Parnell

4. Adventure for the Adventurers

A masterpiece of nature, the Cave of Canelobre holds the title of the deepest and the largest cave in Spain. If you want some real adventure you can drive 24km to the small town of Busot to personally see the incredible 70-meter high interior-shaped like a cathedral. You can also see the infamous candelabra formation inside from which the cave got its name.

3. Sail, Sail, Sail Away

The magical island of Tabarca, once a hidey-hole for pirates, is now a famous tourist destination of Alicante. Aside from the alluring beach and turquoise waters, the charm of the island lies mostly on their teeming and vibrant marine life. After enjoying the busy underwater life of sea creatures, you can then relax and dine on one of the island’s seafood restaurants to taste Spanish specialties.

Tabarca Island by Villa Altea

Tabarca Island by Villa Altea

2. Ready, Set, Fire!

Dreaming of being on a battlefield? Try the popular (and the biggest in Spain) paintball arena just outside the city center of Alicante. Most paintballing enthusiast book flights to Alicante just to play and fight limitless battles in the wide selection of paintball fields. The combat field is large enough so, rest assured, you’ll not get crowded when the game starts.

Paintball Arena by Paintball Arena Alicante

Paintball Arena by Paintball Arena Alicante

1. Feel the Breeze

To top the list is the quirky but amazingly fun way to enjoy the city and that is to ride on a two-wheeled self-balancing battery-powered electric vehicle known as the Segway. Alicante boasts a relaxing Mediterranean climate, so almost every day you get to experience sunshine and welcoming breeze; and what better way to experience all these while riding the Segway and convoying with your friends, stopping at one city attraction to another.

Of course, a short list of five is an understatement for this beautiful city really, so book your flights to Alicante and experience the charms and magic of this Spanish city firsthand. 🙂

Segway Tour in Alicante by Destino Guadalest

Segway Tour in Alicante by Destino Guadalest

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