The Amigo AMT-10 Backpacker Travel Guitar

amigo amt-10The Amigo AMT-10 Backpacker Travel Guitar is a good buy for the money. Backpacking guitars are really hard to find. The issue is the sound quality that comes out of the guitar. The size is generally reduced. This affects the sound intonation of the guitar. The sound quality is affected as well. The result in most backpacking guitars is poor sound quality. The nicest thing about the Amigo guitar is the sound quality.

It is not as full as a full-size guitar obviously; but it is higher than most backpacking guitars. The mahogany wood that the Amigo AMT-10 Backpacker travel guitar is made of is what makes all of the difference in sound quality. The wood that any guitar is made of will affect the sound quality of the instrument. This is true of smaller backpacking guitars.

Then the size of the backpacking guitar adds to the complexity of the construction of the instrument. All of these things affect the way the guitar sounds. If you are a real musician it will bother you. This guitar however, is one of the best in it’s class. You are going to like it. In fact, you are really going to enjoy playing it. The sound is full and rich for the size. The price is low as well for those that want to save money.

Another really nice thing about the guitar is the fact that the frets are a bit smaller. If you have trouble playing a full size guitar at all; then this guitar is going to be a pleasure to play. The Amigo AMT-10 backpacker travel guitar also has a durable Rosewood bridge. The top of the instrument is made of Spruce wood. The result is very nice. The size of the guitar is 36 inches; and it has a 24 inch scale body in length. It weighs less than 2-1/2 lb. in size.

That’s just about right for hiking or backpacking across the country, with your music in tow. The light weight is just what you need for music on the road. Most of these guitars come with a gig bag as well. The cost is reasonable at most places. This is a low-end backpacking guitar. There are better backpacking guitars; but for the price, and sound quality, it is a good buy for any music on the road. The Amigo AMT-10 Backpacker Travel Guitar is a good buy for the money; and it sounds decent as well.

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