The Kefalonia Mania

The island of Kefalonia which is also known as Cephalonia, Cephallenia, Cephallonia, Kefallinia is a grand tourist hotspot in Greece because of the famous Myrtos Beach (12 times voted as Greece’s best beach) and it’s also the setting of the famous novel-turned-movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Its name has several variations due to the fact that it’s been occupied by several countries with different pronunciations of its name. But regardless of its many names it all comes down to one definition—breathtaking beauty. It’s a place you can’t afford to miss when going to Greece.

With the number of tourists increasing, you need to watch out for the holidays and make sure to get your tickets in advance, because getting a good price for flights to Kefalonia would be very difficult during peak season.

This island is full of spectacular landscapes with trees well-loved by Mother Nature plus the Venetian buildings which make it more romantic and classic. It’s a perfect destination for honeymoons, dates or even a whole family trip.

Myrtos Beach Boat

Myrtos Beach by DKM Photography

If you’re fascinated about its history, you can visit the ruined fortifications of The Ancient Acropolis of Sami, The Venetian Castle of Assos and St. George’s Castle. Visiting these places will give you a peek of the magnificent architectural styles of the Late Antiquity era all the way to the Renaissance era.

For a thrilling cruise adventure, you can take advantage of Captain Vangeli’s Special Cruises. Have a fun tour around the island while enjoying great food. They offer a full day cruise so you can have a better look at one of the most picturesque coastlines in the Mediterranean Sea. Get a glimpse at Skala’s sea bed through their glass bottom boat Kakava cruise which is an exciting and pleasurable experience.

If you’re after a snorkeling adventure and looking to discover the rich marine life in the island, the Ionian Discoveries offers you the best for this great trip. Aside from exploring the island’s marine life, you will also get a glance of the broken and dismantled sea mines during World War II and several shipwrecks. Have a delightful lunch while gazing at their collection of amazing animals in their very own onboard aquarium.

An afternoon relaxation and a romantic date tour in Melissani Lake Cave and Drogkarati Cave would be ideal as it gives you quiet fun and peaceful enjoyment. Be perplexed by nature’s wonder which produced impressive limestone formations of stalactites and stalagmites inside these caves.

For an exhilarating morning excursion, have a better feel of the island’s flora and fauna by exploring the island through horseback riding provided by the Bavarian Horse Riding Stables. Enjoy great landscape views; see olive groves, vineyards, dried up riverbeds, old ruins and the beach at Sami while riding their best kept horses.

The fun doesn’t stop in this island as you can go hiking in its tallest mountain Mount Ainos and have a full view of the island and the islands surrounding it. Exploring the island using quad bikes is thrilling but if we want to take it slow and just enjoy the breeze and nice sunset, taking it by foot while having a fun conversation with family and friends is another great way to enjoy your stay.

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  1. Elmer Cruz

    Another one to add to my hit list! I’m planning a European adventure tour next year with the first leg being Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Turkey. This year should be learning the language and saving up of course! Tips on cheap and interesting places are surely welcome!

  2. Nate Harper

    I am with Elmer . The list keeps getting longer and longer. Informative post. Thanks for sharing

  3. EJ Juen Jr Post author

    Hi Elmer, that’s cool! I’m looking forward to get a European tour later as well because of it’s rich in culture and history. The learning the language part would sure be a challenge. 🙂
    Hey Nate, I agree, there’s plenty more ways you can have fun in just one island which makes me wish that I have more time whenever I visit one.

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