THE PLUNGE: The Ride of a Lifetime

I’m the youngest in the family, and many of you may think that youngest kids are the most pampered and spoiled in the family. Well, yes, sometimes that’s true (make it more than sometimes), but it has its drawbacks too.

I was diagnosed to have Mitral Valve Prolapse six or seven years ago. It’s a abnormality in the left valve of the heart that instead of completely closing when the heart pumps blood, the leaflet stands a little ajar making some of my blood flow back.

Daddy’s Girl

Daddy's Girl

Daddy’s Girl

Put my condition and my family rank together, and you’ll get an overprotective father. I love my father very much, in fact, I’m a daddy’s girl, but sometimes he goes just a tiny wee bit overboard in protecting me. He prevents me from being stressed out and I’m thankful to the Heavens because of it. He does the sweetest lil things and most of the time he gives me all I need and want: food, gadgets, clothes and much more. However, there’s this one thing, I’m sad about: he doesn’t permit me to ride a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster or any ride that has an adrenaline rush or heights. He thinks it’s bad for my health, but I haven’t even heard my cardiologist mention it.

Spilling the Beans

This could have gone unnoticed except that I love to try these things! I’d always fantasized about flying, and these rides are the next closest thing to flying (except for a plane ride, of course). Since I’m a little hard headed, I tried these without my beloved father knowing.

Zipline with my Beau

Zipline with my Beau

I know I’m guilty of disobeying my father, but I’ll forever regret it if I let the chance of riding pass  when I still have the strength and vivacity to do so. And so, I did ride. I rode the Ferris wheel, the rollercoaster, and other adrenaline-filled amusement rides. I had also tried the zipline, just like my co-author, Elmer, did. I did the Edge Coaster and the Sky Walk in Crown Regency Cebu, and I thought that was the most daring thing I would do in my entire life.

The Plunge

But that was before I knew of THE PLUNGE. And to give you a pea-size idea of what it’s like, just imagine yourself free-falling with zero-gravity, an adrenaline rush that makes you forget breathing and heart beats all at once, and a fast-as-lightning drop that makes the world blurry all of a sudden. That’s the very thrill you get when you jump on a 200-meter canyon with only a rope to hold your fragile existence.

The Plunge

The Plunge

The Ride of a Lifetime

I had no fear not even a trickle of it. I was determined to do the plunge and submit myself to a tiny precious moment of being in the free air. I felt like an angel free-falling from the sky and that rope was my salvation. For a moment or two, I yo-yoed on the rope while the operator prepared to haul me up. For a moment or two, I enjoyed appreciating the beauty of nature on top of the giant trees and the raging river. For a moment or two, I believed I could fly.

My father might, sooner or later, learn about this (especially if he reads my blog); nevertheless, I have no regrets because the plunge was indeed the ride of a lifetime.

THE PLUNGE: Ride of a Lifetime

THE PLUNGE: Ride of a Lifetime

The Plunge on Video

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  1. Michael Jon Falk

    So Cool Wynna! Love the last Photo, the smile says “Yup, living life the way I want” You go! Be Safe!

  2. WYNNA Post author

    @mfalk75: thanks mike! the video would have been cooler, hopefully i can tag my video here soon. 🙂

  3. Elmer Cruz

    I could feel the adrenaline rush just by reading your post. Good on you daddy’s little girl! Try scuba diving – I find it to be the closest thing to flying – and there are some great sights in Cebu and nearby provinces like Bohol, Dumaguete and Southern Leyte.

  4. WYNNA Post author

    @bedouindreamer: just wait til you see the video of my plunge elmer, it’s funnier and more exciting. LOL

    i really would love to go scuba diving but then again is still have to conquer my fear of open water. I’m fond of snorkeling though. I go snorkeling with the condition of having at least 4 people with me during swim time. 🙂

  5. Elmer Cruz

    Come to Manila @WYNNA, we’ll hook you up with our fabulous dive instructor then our group, THE SCUBADINGS, will go with you on your check out dive. After you will be an honorary member then we can go dive in Cebu. Lotsa places there too…Malapascua is a great dive site for thresher sharks. You can crash in our place during your stay. What say you? 🙂

  6. WYNNA Post author

    @bedouindreamer: Oh I’d love to! SCUBADINGS seems to be a group of really cooool people. But, as much as i want to I still can’t go, the resort where I’ll be working is opening soon so I’ll be a busy lil bee for quite awhile. But hopefully, I can find the time to visit you, you adopt me then! haha 😀

    Yep, Malapascua is an amazing dive site but sharks? never mind. i might die of panic attack in the bottom of the sea. you forgot i’m selachophobic! hahaha 😀

  7. Elmer Cruz

    @demonyika sure, we will adopt you! Hey which resort will you be managing in Bohol? My partner and I are thinking of going for our anniversary in October. Give us good rates ha! Hehehe

  8. WYNNA Post author

    @bedouindreamer: i’d like to think about them being gentle creatures but then again all those movies about them being flesh eaters makes me doubt that statement. haha 😀

    it’s Veraneante Resort in Panglao and we’ll be opening this Saturday, September 8 🙂 You can visit our page in FB or better yet check our website: we just launched our website this morning. and we can definitely work on that good rate, elmer. 🙂

  9. WYNNA Post author

    @bedouindreamer: it’s around 15 mins. or less from Alona Beach. it’s a mainland resort but we offer beach transfers. we also have a beach just at the back of the resort but it’s what we call “virgin” beach coz it’s never been touched, there’s a fish sanctuary there though.

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