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Whoever said that book lovers don’t travel, or travelers don’t give a minute of their time to read a book? Stereo-typical, right? BUT what if I tell you, there is a lair of book lovers who had already travelled more than 41 countries and 61 ports (and still counting). This lair is shaped like a ship. Oh, wait – it is a ship! MV Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair, with over 400 volunteer crew and staff from over 50 different countries worldwide.  Now, that’s amazing!

What’s more amazing is that, I had the privilege of visiting this humongous ship just a week ago since it has now docked in the warm shores of Cebu City, Philippines. It has been over 5 years since I last saw its sister-ship, the Doulos.

The World's Largest Floating Book Fair

The World’s Largest Floating Book Fair

Unfortunately, Doulos had already retired from sailing and was immediately replaced with a newer and bigger ship, and this is where I was headed for the afternoon.

Before boarding, you have to purchase your admission ticket. But no need to fret, entrance fee is very much affordable. When I got hold of the ticket, I tried my best to keep my toes calm, although deep inside I’m dying to run like crazy directly inside their bookstore. And as I near the entrance to the heart of the ship, I can feel and smell (yes, I can smell them) the books. Oh, how my eyes watered from seeing rows and rows of books of different genres, sizes, shapes, titles and colors. It was like heaven on earth for any bookworm (like me).

And for those of you who would like to see a glimpse of this floating book haven, you can catch them docking in the ports of Manila and Subic Bay in the next few months.

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  1. Tiffany

    That is sooo neat! I could just imagine how thrilled you must’ve been, being a fellow book lover, I was smiling just reading the article! Is this like a regular cruise ship where people can ride it to other destinations or it stays on dock and leaves with just the crew when it’s time to go somewhere else?

  2. WYNNA Post author

    Tiffany! Oh boy, I’m glad to hear from a fellow bookworm. How nice could it be if it was a cruise ship, I’ll probably take a week or two onboard. But the ship only travels with its crew and staff. They will dock to a whole new port every 2-3 weeks. Hope Logos Hope will also visit your place. 🙂

  3. EJ Juen Jr

    Hi Doreen, I like buying books as well.. but as a gift to someone else. 🙂
    I’m glad to know that M.V. Doulos just got upgraded to MV Logos Hope, that old ship has been featured in TV several times.

  4. WYNNA Post author

    Hi Edwin! Why don’t you try buying a book simply for yourself. You might discover another part of you, you didn’t know existed. 🙂 yes, MV DOulos is in Singapore right now, according to one of the ship’s crew, it serves as somewhat like an auditorium.

  5. Elmer Cruz

    I was in Cebu last week and felt really bad not having time to go but I will make sure to catch it in Manila or Subic!

  6. WYNNA Post author

    @bedouindreamer hi Elmer! 🙂 its still not too late, you can definitely catch them there this month. Don’t forget to bring your cam and some bucks for souvenirs.

  7. Anne

    How about the prices of the books? Is it different from the regular prices we have? or a little less?

  8. WYNNA Post author

    @Anne: Hi anne! Actually they have this pricing called “units”. SO all their books are priced in units. Every time they go to a country, they always have a big conversion table, say, 25 units = 1 US dollars or 25 units = 25 Philippine peso. Hope you got what I mean. 🙂

  9. Anne

    Okay. Thank you. But how about the price range. For example, the book in the Philippines cost 300 pesos. Will it be cheaper if I’ll buy a book there or will it be at the same price?

  10. WYNNA Post author

    @Anne: Based on the books that I got MV Logos Hope is much more cheaper than our local bookstores.

  11. WYNNA Post author

    @ ANNE: Your welcome Anne! hope you can go aboard the MV logos hope too. 🙂

    @TIM: Don’t worry tim, it might visit you again this year. You can check out their site for their schedule of trips for this year. 🙂

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