It took me quite a while to decide to go and I did a lot of research to make sure that it would be one of those unforgettable experiences. I definitely have to experience the snow and learn how to ski in luxury! I was talking to a friend from Sydney the other day and he’s been pressuring me to go skiing ever since. Upon learning my plans, he exclaimed. “Looking to ski in luxury? Book a chalet today with Supertravel!”

To Ski or Not to Ski…

Curious. I logged-on to the Supertravel website.

The Supertravel website is very crisp and clean with a distinct touch of luxury in the offerings. I immediately clicked on the Ski Holidays link. I was taken to a magazine-like page and got a little lost for a second. Keeping with my objective, I followed the link to Tailor-made Ski Holidays where I was able to narrow down my choices – Europe of North America? Well, I am not really that keen on visiting the USA so I decided on Europe, imagining myself singing “The hills are alive…” like Julie Andrews on the Alps  was a fabulous prospect!

The hills are alive…

But there were just so many choices and they’re all so inviting!

Should I be conservative and go to Austria, take the neutral road to Switzerland, or go completely off-tangent to France? Decisions, decisions…but then I realized I haven’t really skied in my entire life, so I need to choose a place where there are other activities (and I am planning this to be a romantic getaway with my partner…).  So, the winner is…you guessed it…France. I decided on Courchevel.


Courchevel is perfect! its the number one luxury ski resort in Europe and has other activities to offer than skiing. Supertravel provided concise and useful information to start from, especially things to do in each of the destination options.

Choices for accommodation are also provided from chalets that could sleep up to 12 people, to hotel-type accommodations. I wanted this to be special and was thinking of a chalet but the ones on offer are just too big and had the Von Trapp family in mind, although the prices are quite attractive for the living space on offer. Hotel choices are from 3- to 5-star luxury, making it very hard to make up my mind. Perhaps I need to do more research on each individual locations and see reviews from those who have had the pleasure of staying in these places. I must admit the Chalet is still very inviting and I’m keeping my options open.


The downside of using Supertravel, is that you cannot make online reservations. I kept looking for this capability, which is a standard feature in most travel sites, but couldn’t locate it. I am not sure why Supertravel did not have this capability, they must have some good reason. One of which, perhaps, is that they would like to have a more personal appeal to the booking process by offering a phone number that I could contact, just in case I have already made up my mind and would like to finalize my booking.

I haven’t made up my mind yet, because there is also Maldives competing for attention, but I would definitely use Supertravel as my take-off point.

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