Top Cameras for Travel 2014

Top Travel Cameras 2014If you’re looking to catch some crystal clear photos in any condition this year, you might want to take a look at the list below for some of the newest and best cameras for travel.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a casual tourist or a hiker looking for the next big adventure, you are certain to find what you’re looking for in this selection in order to make your next journey or vacation trip all the more memorable and productive.

Point and Shoot Cameras

Sony RX-100 II

The Sony RX-100 is one of those rare breakthroughs in digital camera manufacturing that stand out as a truly unique piece of technology. Containing a 1’’-type BSI-CMOS sensor, while still looking like a common point-and-shoot, it offers exceptional capabilities relating to picture quality, while still remaining quite portable for travel use.

Some of the key features of the 20MP camera also include its steady shot image stabilization, high end 28-100mm equivalent lens, 1080p HD video capabilities, 10 FPS continuous shooting and long battery life allowing for up to 330 shots.

Olympus TG3

Like its previous predecessors, the TG3 comes with a compact design weighing less than 9 ounces, while keeping its lens right in the middle of the camera body. The Olympus TG3 is probably the best compact camera for ease of use and convenience, allowing for easy lens attachment integration, as well as faster shutter speeds and superior quality in low light environments.  The best part is the fact that this camera is environmentally sealed, shock proof, and water proof making it a great choice for travelers.  It even says “touch” on the body of the camera, what more could you want?

This is a versatile 16MP camera fitted with a BSI-CMOS sensor, GPS and WI-FI, and even a compass feature you can use while you’re out in the wild.

Mirrorless Cameras

Panasonic DMC-GX7

Faithful to the overall design of the first GX models, the DMC-GX7 from Panasonic is an enthusiast-oriented camera that offers numerous unique and innovative features.

This new mirrorless addition comes equipped with in-body stabilization for non-native lenses, as well as high speed flash sync, a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 second, a 16MP Live MOS sensor and shadow and highlight curve adjustments.

Olympus OM-D E-M1

While maintaining the common design of Olympus’ OM-D series, the E-M1 is an innovative version of the series that extends its range for semi-professional photographers, while also providing advanced and sophisticated control features and on-sensor detection elements to enhance your experience with two separate focus modes.

Some of the key elements that make the camera stand out include its 5-axis image stabilization feature, 16MP Four Thirds format MOS sensor, advanced electronic viewfinder and freeze-proof construction that keeps it working even in temperatures of -10 degrees.

Sony Alpha A7

Considered as one of the top rated cameras for high resolution photography, the 24.3MP Sony Alpha A7 is much smaller than many of its full-frame interchangeable lens counterparts, managing to stay portable, while including high end features such as a sealed composite alloy body, diffraction correction and an XGA electronic viewfinder.

The camera comes with an E-mount and adaptor to fully support various lens sizes, and its hybrid AF provides superior AF speeds for shooting at up to 5 FPS with auto-focus.

Sony NEX 3N

The entry level NEX 3N is one of Sony’s attempts at avoiding the complexity of a DSLR, while maintaining adequate image quality. The camera has an ingeniously designed 180 degree flip-up screen, and it feels much more secure and reliable than many of its previous counterparts.

It features a convenient zoom lever and 16-50 mm Power Zoom which allows for a more proficient and compact experience, while also using the full power of Sony’s latest NEX interface.

Samsung NX Mini

A more unusual candidate is Samsung’s NX Mini, considered as the world’s best compact camera with support for interchangeable lens due to its remarkably slim (22.5mm) and lightweight design.

Despite its size, the NX Mini is quite proficient with its 20.5 MP sensor and capacitive 3 inch, touch screen LCD which tilts upward 180 degrees for easier previews and control. With the body of a standard compact point and shoot, and advanced features such as WI-FI and NFC or its staggering 1/16000 second max shutter speed, this camera is a must-have for travel digital photography enthusiasts.

Nikon 1 AW1

For the more adventurous photographers out there, Nikon has released the AW1 – a powerful, highly durable mirrorless, waterproof camera with an equally resilient set of lenses.

You can use the Nikon 1 AW1 to shoot quite well at a depth of 15 meters underwater, and the 14MP camera comes with 11-27mm and 10mm lenses, while being enhanced with all the features you might need in remote locations, such as a compass, GPS and even an altimeter and depth meter.

Olympus E-M10

Targeting more advanced or developing photographers, the Olympus E-M10 is the brand’s third attempt at a high end OM-D range camera, and it comes with almost all the features of its previous counterpart (minus its advanced weatherproof construction), as well as some handy additions.

Some of the innovations that stand out the most include its improved rear screen, the ability to handle Wi-Fi transfers more easily and significantly more superior control features.

These are some of the best cameras for travel you can use both on long and difficult journeys and short travel trips; many of them feature high end weatherproofing technology, while retaining the compact construction and advanced optics and electronics you might need.

DSLR Cameras

Canon EOS SL1

Seen as one of the world’s lightest SLR designs, the EOS SL1 is Cannon’s main entry for competing with the most advanced mirrorless entries from brands like Nikon or Sony.

Despite its small design, this is quite a versatile camera, featuring an 18 MP APS-C sensor and a hybrid CMOS AF system that allows for up to 80% frame coverage. Also, the Canon comes with 4 FPS continual shooting, full 1080p/30p video support and subject tracking, along with continuous autofocus for its video modes.

Nikon D5200 (18-55mm Lens)

This is Nikon’s DSLR release for advanced beginners, offering a high 24 MP resolution along with numerous advanced and innovative features, such as its EXSPEED 3 processing and 39 point AF system

The camera stands out as being somewhat faster than its predecessors, while also delivering improved color reproduction and noise reduction. It has an updated control interface that’s much easier to use with its intuitive layout, and it features flexible accessibility options, being fully compatible with various Wi-Fi units for straightforward media transferring capabilities.

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