Top FIVE interesting places in PALMA

You’re planning on taking a trip to a stylish and diverse destination. After long deliberation on Google, you finally found your new target location: a picturesque city of Palma. But wait, where is this place?

Of course, a trip to Google or one of your favorite travel agency’s website would be the best pick to get cheap flights to Palma.  Once you’ve booked yourself for this wonderful trip you are going to need to know what to do. Let me give you my top 5 interesting facts and places to go in Palma and the entire of Mallorca.

Le Seu Cathedral in Palma

The vast Gothic Cathedral of Palma built on a previous mosque

1. James I of Aragon had conquered the city of Palma in the early historical days, immersing the city in Christianity. But before he came, Muslims had their own conquest on the island. The legacy left by both Christians and Muslims is visible on the city’s vast Gothic cathedral. La Seu is built on top of a previous mosque. Islamic mosaics are still found on the oldest part of the cathedral.

2. If you’re not into historical sites, maybe you can visit BCM Planet Dance. They cater to the night population of Magaluf in Palma. They have a main floor where you will see their famous laser show with local and international sets of DJs blasting on the sound systems. If you want to try something different, you can go down below their main floor to witness either a popcorn, water or foam party. Talk about wet and wild, huh?

3. A 3000-meter long beach area isn’t too bad, right? Especially if it’s a naturist and a nudist beach at the same time. From end to the other end, it will cost you half an hour of walk but everything is worth the effort. The long stretch of white sand and turquoise waters is non-regrettable. Every year more than half a million tourists visit the place leaving with them 25 tons of sands on their sandals, towels, soles and toes.

Es Trenc Beach

A 3 km white sand beach

4. If you want to feed your hungry stomach, you have to boggle your mind first, since the place offers more than 2500 restaurants and most of them are famous for different scrumptious and mouth-watering foods. And should you ever need a glass of wine after dinner, the wine served will most probably come from Binissalem. The region has a lot of local winery that you can also visit in one of your trips.

5. And what better way to tour around the entire city than a brightly painted red and yellow double-decker buses. They are known as “Palma City Sightseeing Tour Buses” and they bring you to the 15 most popular sites in the city. So definitely, a quicker and less tiring way of touring the incredible city of Palma.

So now, everything is set, we have planned enough activity for your trip. Might as well start packing your bags. I bid you a safe travel and enjoy! 🙂

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