So, you probably came here with this very question and your in search for the best travel guitar.  Unfortunately, this question can not be answered with just one answer.  There’s likely to be many factors which make the best travel guitar for you different then the best travel guitar for someone else.

This is especially evident in our review pages.  We asked people like you to give a honest take on the travel guitar they have and list why they like or dislike their particular model.  We received some pretty interesting responses.

Some people were relatively positive while describing their guitar and almost seemed to praise it.  Then at the same time they would turn around and rate certain aspects on a scale of 1-10 with a brutal honesty that did not bode well for the review.

So why the discrepancy?  Well, although nobody is a psyche major here at “Wandering Musician” we like to think we have answers.  We concluded that given the chance to describe and relate their life experience with the guitar people were more likely to shape their review around personal needs.  They took into account the reason they picked that model in the first place.  Reasons like, it was inexpensive or it was the most durable and smallest one they could find.  Within that context, they wrote the review with a positive spin because well, it filled the bill.

On the other hand, when rating the guitar on a impersonal system of 1-10 stars people rated the guitars based on what else is out there.  They made comparisons with a careful consideration of available choices, A or B.

With this in mind lets look at what guitar fills the bill best when it comes to needs.

Best Travel Guitars

[divider]Best Bang for the Buck[/divider]

Amigo-AMT10-2Best Bang for the Lowest Buck – The Amigo AMT-10
I don’t know about you but when I think cheap I think under 100 bucks.  You have to be careful though because some of these choices under 100 dollars can end up being nothing more than a toy really.  There’s quite a few choices here that we wouldn’t consider a toy but we recommend the Amigo AMT-10 with a solid spruce top.  Read the full review here.


[divider]Best Travel Buddy[/divider]

Martin-Steel-String-Backpacker-Guitar_xBest little traveling buddy – The Martin Steel String Backpacker
If size is everything like it is when your backpacking then nothing beats the backpacker by martin.  It’s a little oddly shaped but most true travel guitars are a bit unruly when it comes to shape…right?  It just adds to the charm and screams perfect for a campfire jam session.  What’s more is this little guitar can take some serious abuse as well, you can just feel the durability when you hold it.  Lastly, well, it is a Martin!  Check out the full review here.


[divider]Best Buzz Generator[/divider]
washburn-rover-RO10Best Buzz generator and most fun – The Washburn Rover
We got a lot of feedback on this guitar when developing Best Travel Guitars and apparently a lot of people have it and love it – the buzz!!!  You can find a pretty good deal on eBay or Amazon usually so I would suggest searching there first.  Had more than one of these at one time as they are just fun to play and I love the sound.  I have to confess, I may just play the rover more then I play any of my other guitars.  I think it has legs and follows me around the house so it’s always there to pick up at the drop of a minute.  My friends also seem to gravitate toward it when over.  Read the full review here.


[divider]Best Overall[/divider]

Composite Acoustics CargoWinner of 4 Awards – The Composite Acoustics Cargo Travel Guitar


OK, I’ve heard this called the holy grail of travel guitars and its a easy choice for BEST OVERALL.  Nothing says durable like the Composite Acoustics Cargo Travel Guitar and the sound is just simply astounding.  Out of the box it was actually in tune and the action – PERFECT!!!  Its truly in a league of its own and this 3/4 size guitar sacrifices nothing for size. It’s a bit expensive but not overpriced considering the product.  If you have the cash the best travel guitar is a easy choice.  Check out the full review here.

[divider]Updates and Leader Board[/divider]

UPDATE: OK, this post has been heading our front page for a while. Still I think its probably the most important question people want to know when looking to purchase a travel guitar.  For that reason I decided to add the dynamic leaderboard right here.  These are the top 5 travel guitars leading the way as voted by you, our valued readers.  To see the full list of all travel guitars go here.

If you want to place your vote click on one of the guitars below and go to the post, at the end of the review you will see interactive stars to cast your vote for overall score.  Remember, we are working to get more reviews but I’m not rich and don’t have every travel guitar out there. I rely on you. Please help us and Add a Guitar Review or tell us which one we should try to get our hands on to review. Thanks.

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We’ve only included the top 5 guitars here as voted by our readers.  To see the full list of all travel guitars go here.

Don’t be shy, were interested in what you have to say. So, what is the Best Travel Guitar according to you?

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  1. Best Travel Guitars
    Best Travel Guitars says:

    Thanks Dan, that’s awesome that you’ve been all over with your travel guitar and you stand by your choice. That’s what travel guitars are all about. Maybe the Aria Sinsonido is the best choice for you then, haha. I’ve never got the chance to play it but as my collection slowly grows I’m hoping to get the chance to try more travel guitars. Its really impossible to pick the best one I think as more and more options turn up. I think there is just a nice crop of really good ones that all look promising.

  2. Thuy
    Thuy says:

    Best Travel Guitars,

    I’m looking to buy a travel guitar either at $100, $150 or $200. What’s the best one for each price (based on sound only)? I’d appreciate it if you can also give each a grade from 1-10 (10 is the highest).

    Thank you very much!

  3. Nami Neybar
    Nami Neybar says:

    I’m curious to know whether you can comment on the Traveler guitar series…I’m particularly interested in how the EG-1 stacks up compared to the others…

    Thank you!

  4. Best Travel Guitars
    Best Travel Guitars says:

    Thuy, the Washburn Rover is a great choice for the price range your talking. It’s actually one of my favorite travel guitars.

    Nami, There are 2 reviews up, one on the traveler speedster and one for the EG-1. Its hard to comment on all these guitars because I don’t personally own all of them but I currently have some people working on some reviews in the traveler series.

    A new batch of reviews should be up soon, I’m waiting for a few more to roll in then I need to put them together. Thanks :)

  5. Patrick McGrotha
    Patrick McGrotha says:

    By far the new GS Mini Taylor guitar is the best sounding travel guitar on the market. It comes with a gig bag that fits in overhead storage on airplanes, and this lil thing has the sound of a $2000 guitar.

  6. Best Travel Guitars
    Best Travel Guitars says:

    Thanks Patrick, I’m very interested in getting my hands on one of these (Taylor GS Mini) or getting someone to submit a review. So I’m working on this. Anyone feel free to help me out.

  7. Best Travel Guitars
    Best Travel Guitars says:

    Jiro, the Amigo is made in Romania I believe. Martin backpacker>mexico, rover>china, taylor gs mini>mexico. blackbird>san fran, usa.

  8. Jonny Capes
    Jonny Capes says:

    You NEED to review the Lapstick guitar!! These are absolutely amazing short scale electric guitars, beautifully made & engineered. I’ve had one for about 3 or 4 years now & I absolutely adore it & in fact play it more than any of my other guitars. I believe its THE smallest proper electric guitar in the world, & mine plays like a dream. Fabulous customer support from the maker, Phil Neal, too. Have a search & see what you think, but I feel the owners of this website are doing an injustice to what I believe is the ultimate ‘travel’ guitar.

  9. Rob
    Rob says:

    I had this made for me in 1995 by Andy Manson who made guitars for Led Zeppelins Jimmy Page, Jethro Tull – Ian Anderson, John Paul Jones, Foo Fighters etc etc and it’s unique – first one he made that was cutaway and would fit in a Violin box!

    Sadly I only used it 2 or 3 times and it’s sat in the case ever since!
    I had planned to take it to hotels with me but when checking in I always had a handful of stuff and was too lazy to go get it!!

    Now I have to sell it and I can’t put a price on the value – I suppose it’s how much a collector would pay for this rare guitar?

    I’ve added the link so you can see it – http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/manson-cutaway-custom-built-traveler-guitar-uniquerare/84584737

    Rob (in England)

  10. Esri Allbritten
    Esri Allbritten says:

    I don’t see the Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele on this list, possibly because it didn’t used to be available in the U.S. It’s a quarter-size guitar (the size of a tenor ukulele), with condensed frets and nylon strings. $100. People who own one (including me) think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  11. FloridaGull
    FloridaGull says:

    Please review a go guitar (www.go-guitars.com) and a Walden T550 (www.waldenguitars.com) – the Walden is dimensionally a Taylor GS Mini, but less costly.
    Thank you!

  12. rich f
    rich f says:

    I am going to go on vacation to Hawaii and would like to have a travel guitar for the eleven hour airplane flight and for my vacation. I am an electric blues guitarist and I want a guitar with good action like my Paul Reed Smith. I am not really concerned with the sound as I am with the playability to practice my blues licks. What would be best guitar for my needs.

  13. andy johnston
    andy johnston says:

    I’ve owned a Composite Acoustics Cargo for 3(?) years now and what was originally intended to be the guitar I took on kayak trips on the Na Pali coast of Kauai has become my “go-to” all-around practice and fun guitar. It is such a cool little instrument, great tone and intonation, really neat looking (mine is wine-red) and virtually indestructible-I can leave it in my truck with the windows up on the hottest Hawaiian day and not worry about it a bit. I love carbon-fiber! I also have a fullsize Rainsong and just ordered an Emerald 12-string from Ireland-can’t wait for that one! But the Cargo is just so sweet and playable and carefree. Stoked!

  14. Moon
    Moon says:

    Just came back from a long trip where I had borrowed a friends Baby Taylor. Loved it. Did several shows with it. One Acoustic for about 40 people and not only was it loud enough but people commented on how good it sounded. So I went today to the music store to look at buying one for myself. I wanted something with a good pickup so I could do a real gig as well as sit in a canoe and write a song :)

    Well I fell in love with the Taylor GS Mini. It sounded fantastic. Expensive especially with the pickup option but in some ways it sounds better than my full sized guitars. I was impressed. Not as impressed with it plugged in but it was definitely good enough. Still searching but thought I’d share that. If anyone has other ideas of a travel guitar that has a great plugged in sound let me know :)

  15. Ray
    Ray says:

    I am a semi truck driver. So I mostly live in a space smaller than many closets. I play the Traveler Ultra Light electric guitar. I play Blues and bottleneck/slide. This guitar plays as easily as anything I’ve played and much better than most, including some very high end instruments. I love it! But two things bother me. First the bent metal rod that’s supposed to keep the guitar on your lap doesn’t do the trick. It slips. Second, the patch cord jack is in an awkward spot on the back. However, the amazing sound and ease of play make it my favorite guitar I’ve owned. And I’ve owned some high priced and vintage guitars.


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