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While London and Manchester, as well as the rest of those major photographer hotspots in England, capture the hearts of tourists around the globe, there are plenty of small town destinations in England you should be putting on your bucket list of travels. The following small town destinations are entertaining, fun and completely worth your while during your stay. So grab your cameras and travel to the unexplored beauty of England’s  small towns!

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Clovelly, England

Clovelly (2) (panorama)

A fun little fact for you; the town of Clovelly has been pictured in more calendars than any other village in England. This small community cascades down to a waterfront.  (Photographers: you will have a field day!) I guess the steep hill is why many do not drop by  here on a visit.  You will need to park your car at the top and then make your way by foot down to the main part of the village. But once you make the trek down, the experience is truly worth your while! You can check out a variety of village walking tours that take you through the community’s cobble stone streets and even meet the ‘famous’ Clovelly donkeys that bring supplies up and down the steep hill every day.

Painswick, England

Tree lights at Painswick Church

In the heart of the Cotswolds, this old town is extraordinarily well preserved and history buff photographers will be glad to know there are plenty of ancient buildings to indulge in. Some of these old buildings guard the narrow streets and the pale grey limestone creates an even more historic feel to Painswick. While visiting make sure you check out the various landmarks that make up this small town.

  • Painswick Rococo Garden- These gardens are the sole survivor from the brief early 18th century period of English Rococo Garden design.
  • St. Mary’s Church- The churchyard is famed for its 99 yew trees which were planted around 1792. According to ‘legend’ the Devil won’t let the 100th yew tree grow and it dies anytime someone plants one.

Betws-y-Coed, England

Afon Llugwy (rushing on through Betws y Coed)

With an interesting name like this, you’ve got to at least be curious about what could be lying within its borders. This small town village can be found within Snowdonia National Park. Photographers can explore the tumbling rivers and gorgeous waterfalls set against an ideal backdrop of mountain scenery. With eight different bridges to traverse, Betws-y-Coed is the ideal small town to check out if you also plan on going exploring within North Wales. Make sure to check out some of the most breathtaking spots in the village.

  • Gwydir Forest– Here you can get shots of various wildlife and as the altitude is nice and easy you can focus quite well on capturing all the beauty that will surround you.
  • St. Michael’s Church– This is a very nicely restored church building and you can capture all the rich history that has been stored since 1873.
  • Fairy Glen– This deep gorge is surrounded by an endless array of scenic beauty that is just waiting for you to indulge in.

What small towns have you been able to capture in your camera lens?

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  1. Aidan Piercy via Facebook
    Aidan Piercy via Facebook says:

    Betws-y-coed has a station, though isn’t on a direct line to London, Painswick is a short drive from Stroud station but does not have its own, and Clovelly is nowhere near a train line, but does have a bus service which goes there.


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