High school, with all its glitz and glitters, had been a big part of my life and when the end was finally approaching, the drama was unstoppable.

It was a month before graduation that my girl friends and I decided to go to Mambukal Mountain Resort for two reasons. First, we all felt the need to relax and bond before the final exam week. Second, we’re there to celebrate Anna’s (one of my closest friend) birthday. It’s simply hitting two birds with one stone.

It was actually my first time to go out of town without any chaperon to tag along. At last it was freedom for the 16-year-old ecstatic me! I can do whatever I want without someone to tell you, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” It’s more fun to travel freely, or so I thought.

Everything started out smoothly. We arrived there mid-morning, which was just perfect. After all the bags had been laid, me and 7 other girl friends wandered around the big mountain resort.

Mambukal Falls

Anywhere you look it’s always green. The place serves as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines. Mambukal is enclosed with big old trees of different varieties. The vegetation is really hale and hearty, and when the plants are healthy the animals existing there were even healthier. Big bats and birds fly around like everyday visitors; they’re a common attraction in the resort as well.

After we got our pictures taken at almost every square inch of the resort, we decided to test ourselves and climb the famous Seven Falls of Mambukal. There is a huge mountain stream which eventually cascades down into a chain of seven waterfalls. The trek to each of the waterfalls was long and steep and as we get higher the trail becomes even steepe. We rewarded ourselves with small breaks for picture taking every time we reach a waterfall.

It was nearing noon when we finally arrived at the Sixth Falls. We decided to stay there and skip the Seventh Falls since lunch time is just a few minutes away.

All my friends crossed the small stream and started playing with the water. I was left on the other side because I was too busy contemplating on whether to bring my new Nike slippers or not. I was hesitant because the current was so strong and if my foot slipped a little bit it will surely be the end of my beloved slippers *cringe*. After some deep pondering, I finally decided to leave my new slippers on land far, far away from the strong water current.

Barefooted, I walked the small stream wanting to catch up with my friends. My left foot suddenly felt a little pain; at the back of my mind I was thinking it was just a blunted rock that I stepped on. When I reached the big flat rock where all my friends were, I did a little check on my left foot.

Me, my Friends and my Injured Foot

Me, my Friends and my Injured Foot

Lo! And behold! It was lacerated in a way that almost all of my precious blood was scattered on the rock and in the nearby stream. The water even turned blood red as if, a shark had just caught it’s pray underneath it. And my mind went blank.

I didn’t know how in the world I would survive walking the very long steep trail with an injured foot? I wanted to cry and call my mom for help. I immediately thought that if I was with my mom, she could have warned me not to cross the stream or not to leave my slippers behind.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I was scared of calling and telling her about my accident. I was afraid she might scold me and never let me go out again alone.

I waited for her in the emergency room of the hospital, almost ready to faint from blood loss and more so from fear of my mom’s arrival. When she arrived, she didn’t scold me; although her face was dead serious at the back of the stoic expression was a concerned mom.

She accompanied me in the Minor Operating Room for the stitching of my left foot. I cried due to the excruciating pain but my mother was there to support and comfort me. It was painful but it would be much more painful if I didn’t have my mom with me.

My mom made my travel injury a little less painful and my life a little more wonderful.

I salute all the mothers out there, just like mom, you are all angels who make the world a better and happier place to live. Happy Mother’s Day! :)

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