Travel in Style with the SoloEtte Lil Thumper Bass Guitar

SoloEtte-Lil-Thumper-Bass-GuitarSoloEtte Lil Thumper Bass Guitar

Looking for an elegant, unique electric bass guitar you can take with you on gigs, on holiday, or anywhere else the wind might take you? The SoloEtte Lil Thumper guitar is among the most cutting edge, solidly built, quality guitar designs that will definitely not let you down when it comes to the rich, melodious sound it generates.

Based on a proprietary design for its pickup and built to create rich, warm sounds that will inspire and dazzle your audience, the thumper is definitely not your usual guitar, and you’ll see just how special it can be as soon as you play it for the first time.

A Unique, Stylish Guitar

Extremely light, at only 3 pounds, while also fitted with a short, 27-inch scale that will still feel natural to beginners and seasoned guitar players alike, this SoloEtte model is the perfect alternative to common 34-inch bass guitars.

One of the main highlights of the guitar that you’ll notice right from the start is its SongBird body design that just looks cool no matter who you are or what kind of music you want to play.

The guitar uses classical style nylon strings, and the addition of a beautifully finished hard rock maple neck and body blends in perfectly with the electronics to generate a look of simplicity that is almost magical.

Beautiful Sounds and a Special Pickup Design

The simple, lightweight structure of the SoloEtte hides a complex, fine-tuned system designed to produce some of the sweetest, deepest and cleanest bass sounds. The recipe to its success is the combination between the classical style guitar strings and SoloEtte’s proprietary pickup – their own unique invention – that has been used in many of their best guitars.

The Thumper has an exceptional stage voice that doesn’t falter when you connect it to even lower quality amps. Also, it features a handy integrated headphone amplifier that runs on basic 9-volt batteries, and can allow you to practice at will no matter where you are.

For the bass player on the go, the SoloEtte Lil Thumper is about as good as it can get on the road, producing excellent stereo sound even in the headphones, and taking any sound distortions out of the equation without the need for a complex, heavy electronics.

Solid Construction

If you look up a few of the reviews written by musicians who already use the SoloEtte Lil Thumper guitar, you’ll find many of them are extremely pleased with the compact, solid, yet lightweight design, that has allowed them to continue to rely on this high quality little guitar even under trying circumstances.

Whether you want to travel by plane or on the road, the stunning, handmade maple body and neck construction will hold out under varying climates without altering the sound quality, and you’ll find both the guitar and the durable carrying case are perfectly well-equipped to protect the high end electronics contained within.

Without a doubt, there are very few guitars that come close to offering the same qualities as the SoloEtte Lil Thumper. This high end compact bass guitar will enchant you and your audience, while allowing you to easily travel with the band and make the best music you’ve ever experienced.

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