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It’s our first travel writing contest and we are excited to say, the winner will win $200 dollars toward their next adventure 🙂 How fun!  Note:  This is a cash prize so you can spend it how you like.  All cash prizes will be delivered via Paypal so make sure you have or make an account.

Here is the deal, the month of August is the contest which means any post submitted during this time tagged “travel writing contest” and meets the submission rules will be entered into the contest.  If you don’t have a account with us joining is simple, Register Here.  Once part of the community simply go to your profile >> Create Post, to start writing.  Here are the rules.

Article Submission Rules

  • All article submissions must be unique (original) and written by you the author, nothing already published!
  • Our normal 300 word minimum applies.
  • Only submit 1 post into the contest, you are free to write more as usual but only one entry per author.
  • If you decide to include a promotional link only 1 is allowed and should appear at the end of the article.  Example of what is allowed:  John Smith currently blogs about his travel adventures at Extreme Adventure Blog
  • Articles must be sent for publishing approval between the dates of August 1st and August 31st.
  • Topics:  Your post should cover some form of Adventure Travel / Travel Experience.  For a complete look at what this means and what sort of content we are looking for read this post:  What is Adventure Travel?  This post not only conveys what Adventure Travel is but goes on to tell how you can write about it.  At the end of the post you will find links to examples that strongly convey what we want.  In any event, your post should be a personal account of something you did while traveling and not promotional in any way.
  • Include at least 1 photo inside the body of your article please.  This photo will represent your post in the voting gallery.
  • Important!  You are allowed 8 tags when creating your post, make one of them “travel writing contest” to tell us you want that post entered into the contest.

Voting and picking the Winner

UPDATE:  Mark Malby was the winner!  Congrats, please read Marks Entry here:  A MOVEABLE FEAST: Scooping Gourmet Dinners by Kayak

There is no easy way to do this so we are going to leave it to you guys to vote.  Voting will be held on our facebook page.  Voting will start Sunday, Sept. 4th and will close Saturday Night Sept. 10th.

I will be setting up a photo gallery with a photo from each post to represent you along with a description and link to your article.  Votes will will be tallied in the form of facebook “likes”.  You are free to ask others to join us in the voting process.

Good luck to all of you.  Any questions can be asked in the comments below 🙂

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