Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ Review

Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ – The Best Short Acoustic Guitar for Traveler

Short acoustic guitars make the best traveling companions; but you’ll find they can often fall short of providing the same sound quality and overall experience that a normal sized acoustic guitar has to offer.

The Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ is the largest traveling acoustic guitar in its class, essentially being considered the most compact full size guitar that you can take with you wherever you go.

Quality Features and Construction

The AG-200EQ was definitely not built as a musical toy. This full sized acoustic guitar comes with features like a built-in headphone amplifier, streamline tuning that actually reduces the need for a large or heavy overall construction and a fully adjustable truss rod.

You’ll find it as easy to use as it is durable, and with its solid spruce and mahogany construction, this little guitar is practically indestructible – as it was proven by many satisfied buyers who have successfully used it in the past.

Standard guitar strings take the hassle out of the need for buying expensive strings that would normally be required for a high quality travel guitar.  The instrument also has excellent connectivity options that make it an even more practical option than you may think.  Features such as its 1/8 inch jack and the ability to route the signal into an amp make it possible to use the guitar for far more than what you’d get from a regular acoustic instrument.

Sound and Action

The tuning system takes away the need for a headstock, offering excellent acoustics and balance, as well as a full, rich sound that will make you feel like you’re using one of the best acoustic guitars you can find on the market.  Seriously, the Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ has the power and sound quality to stand up to a full size acoustic guitar.

The guitar is also considerably loud. While the built-in tuner will help you get just the right notes every time, the increased presence and volume that the AG-200EQ presents are made possible by the modified traditional bracing pattern which allows for exceptional performance.

A Beautiful and Practical Guitar Design

It sounds great but how does it look?  That’s important too right!  Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.  The AG-200EQ Traveler Guitar is designed to be one of the most beautiful and practical guitars in this price range. The black finish and mahogany look stylish together, and the guitar feels very natural from the very start. Also, the lightweight construction makes it both maneuverable and easy to play, allowing you to use it on your travels with ease.

The black gloss finish and ebonized rosewood fretboard also play their own roles both in terms of offering pulling off a beautiful design and making the guitar look professional.  However, it does seem to show smudges, dust, etc quite easy.

You’ll find that, whether you like playing classical music, or you’re more of a rock and country person, this guitar will look and feel just right in all settings, and its practical design will allow you to take it with you anywhere you go.

Small enough to fit in your bag, yet large enough to offer both the sound quality and the decibels you want to unleash upon your audience, the AG-200EQ offers excellent value for the price. It’s also considered by experts to be just the right choice for musicians who are in search of the most practical, easy to play acoustic travel guitar.

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