The Traveler Guitar Speedster v2 Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Speedster v2-2

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The Traveler Guitar Speedster v2 Electric Guitar – An Excellent Choice for Traveling

The Traveler Speedster v2 is a full-scale electric guitar featuring a stunning compact design and unique features, such as headphone integration and in-body tuning.

This electric guitar is considered to be an exceptional choice for traveling musicians who want complete control over their ability to play or practice at any moment of the day, no matter where they may be.

Practical Design

Whether you travel a lot, or you just want a smaller, more maneuverable and easier to play electric guitar, the Traveler Speedster v2 can be quite an excellent option.

With a stylish, futuristic look, the Speedster will always stay the center of attention, whether you’re doing a gig or just carrying it around backstage.  Its ebonized rosewood fingerboard really makes it stand out as a classy and fashionable choice, regardless of the style you’re actually looking for.

Its minimal design also makes it extremely practical, allowing you to carry it on any type of transportation from planes to cars to trains.  The in-body tuning features and detachable arm support also make it easy to carry, use and store while you’re on the road.

A Beautiful Sounding Guitar

In terms of sound quality, you won’t find a lot to complain about.  The guitar has a very light, melodic sound that is also enhanced through its four built-in tones – clean, overdrive, boost and distortion tones – that you can easily shift through.

The Speedster also comes with a standard ¼ inch output jack, strap pins and a fully adjustable truss rod. Also, you’ll find this is a full scale guitar, despite the fact that its minimal design makes it smaller and more maneuverable than most standard electric guitars.

The guitar also has a handy earphone function and aux-in jack.  Plug in and jam along with your favorite tracks while listening through your headphones or favorite amp. Whether you want to practice at night or on the plane, or just make sure nobody disturbs you while you play, this setting can be quite practical.

Traveling with the Speedster

Made from eastern American hard maple, the guitar is quite sturdy, and you’ll find it does feel very durable from the first time you pick it up to play a tune.

Its flexible and robust construction make it a practical choice and allow you to change or add anything without much difficulty.  New strings, your own locking tuners, the speedster is accommodating.

Most musicians who have used the Speedster consider it to be surprisingly durable overall.  It maintains its sound quality, structural integrity and electronic versatility even if you keep using it for many hours every day.

Now it may be slightly more expensive than some lower quality portable guitars you may have checked out.  But the Speedster’s got it where it counts.  Its robust, practical, yet highly elegant design, together with its many hi-tech features and excellent sound quality make it one of the best candidates you can consider while traveling.

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