Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass Review

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass – A Comfortable, Solidly Designed Bass Guitar

Weighing just a little over 3 pounds, the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass is a convenient, practical guitar you can easily use to travel with whether you’re on tour with the band or just practicing on your own.

The guitar just feels and sounds right, and you’ll find it a nice addition to your guitar collection, whether you’re just learning, or you’re already a seasoned artist.

Quality Finish

The Traveler comes with an ebonized rosewood fingerboard with classy vintage inlays and a beautiful, natural satin finish.  It will dazzle your fans and team members, while still maintaining an elegant look.

Made from high quality maple, it looks quite professional overall, and while it may be much smaller and lighter than a regular bass guitar, it is still very imposing.  It will definitely attract attention while getting the job done for its owner.

Durability and Ease of Use

One thing that stands out is the sturdy maple design and practical neck-through-body construction making this Traveler Guitar model easy to carry and use.  It really handles effortlessly offering a level of comfort and quality that is quite impressive.  It’s basically one solid piece of wood making the Ultra-Light bass a perfect design for travel.

So yes, be it your home on the couch, boarding an airplane, or traveling around in your own van, the Traveler Ultra-Light can be stored just about anywhere.   It doesn’t take up much space, and it comes with its own stylish gig bag.

People who have used the guitar in the past claim it’s practically indestructible. Some reviewers say they’ve dropped it multiple times, and the guitar just keeps going without much consequence.

Probably the only notable feature most musicians had a problem with was the Traveler’s slippery stainless steel thigh support.  It’s a simple workaround, just wrapping it into a light cloth or some other fabric will make it more efficient.

Besides that I wish there was a easier way to adjust the action as there is essentially none unless you are willing to remove the bridge and file it down.

A Guitar That Sounds and Performs Majestically

While the guitar looks great, and you won’t experience any problems at airport security – or during your travels overall – what really matters is how it sounds.  If your just jamming with the friends, practicing, or even playing a small venue it is definitely adequate.  It actually sounds better than expected albeit it’s not the best bass sound I’ve ever heard.  

Playing the guitar is very easy, and although at first I remember thinking it sounded a little metallic it seemed to fade away or I don’t notice it as much.  The volume is descent but there is no volume control and the pickup is only average.

As far as musical style the 30-inch scale is more than suitable for playing just about anything you want.  The bass travel guitars unique construction, combined with its quality Shadow piezo pickup, allows you to experience some pretty clear high quality sound that you’d normally expect from a full sized acoustic bass.  Let’s not get carried away, it’s not but for the size and convenience it offers it definitely meets expectations.

Even though the sound it produces isn’t necessarily suitable for recording, it is quite perfect for playing and practicing.  The Traveler may just surprise you with the loud, solid and clear notes it can play, while maintaining that quality throughout the years.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out playing bass, or you’ve owned many other quality bass guitars over time the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass is a solid choice.  While it may not be a toy or a guitar designed for beginners, It’ definitely worth the price tag.

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