Traveler Speedster Travel Guitar Review

traveler_speedsterPerhaps one of the newest innovations to hit the market concerning travel guitars is the Traveler Speedster guitar. It possess the ability to emulate the sound, feel, and look of a solid-body, full-size guitar; and, it’s perfect for any frequent traveler who would like to keep their chops up while on the road and/or concerned about damage to more conventional, valuable models.

Although the Traveler Speedster looks deceiving, the neck has the normal scale of 22 frets, with its width being narrower than a Gibson guitar, and closer to a Fender Stratocaster. It has a comfortable, detachable arm rest which helps it feel like a conventional guitar. The entire package comes with an attractive soft case(can be used as a carry-on), a pick, and a manual you will need regards to tuning and assembly.

This is not a guitar that I would use on a recording session or any gig situation, simply because of the single coil pickup which makes the tone sound deficient, if not a bit weak.   Overall, the sound quality is not that bad for a travel guitar, and as mentioned before, the neck is regular size, so players who have larger hands need not be concerned with any complications.  [UPDATE:  All New Traveler Speedster’s come with a dual-rail Humbucker.  In no way is the sound or tone deficient but instead quite amazing.]

Although the action of the guitar was just fine as set by the factory, you can easily adjust the string action by raising the height and/or lowering the roller bridge. The tuning pegs are cumbersome, so extra care will be needed while tuning the guitar. The only disadvantage to the aforementioned roller bridge is the way the strings wrap around it provide an inconsistent tension distributed to the strings. This can make tuning this guitar a nightmare, but still easier to tune than any guitar with a floating tremolo bar.

Overall, I do recommend the Traveler Speedster, despite what I consider to be minor flaws in design. While the tuning system will take you some time to get used to, you will be able to adjust your tuning fairly easily within 2-3 weeks of practicing it. Even more encouraging is the fact that it can withstand knocks, bumps, etc. and still keep its tuning – thus reducing the fear of the tedious process of tuning this guitar. The easy portability of the Traveler Speedster, and full-size feel, make this an excellent choice.

Brian’s Input- there is several things im doing to make it a awesome guitar. I put in two micro switches, parrallel serial, cut out coil. Seymour Duncan pickup will be installed , I hope this isn’t a 95 dollar mistake. The original pickup does sound pretty good. The soider joints should be checked on anything from china, they put stuff together to fast, I used to soider for a living, yea i spelled it wrong. Not quite sure how I’m going to address the peg mounting for the armrest, you need the armrest and it works well. butt mine in on there kind of wobbly and will ruin the guitar in the long run. It needs two screw downs…. you cant put weight on something with a cheesy peg that doesn’t go all the way through the hole. I hope I don’t mess it up taking the peg out and making a secure screw down like with the strap screw. which was done nicely. It would be great if the company would just send me another one to replace the peg. I sent in the warranty but of course it isn’t useful now anyway. I don’t want this guitar gone for a day anyway. The ernie ball slinky 11 to 48 strings were a big improvement for me, and the guy who said tuning this guitar is hard …. I have to laugh. This is the easiest guitar to tune, plus it stays in tune. I love it.
Feel free to take any positives out of this and compile a shining review if you like , I have
no problem with that. For anyone stuck in a reclined chair or wheel chair etc. girl etc. this guitar is your only low cost and big bang for the buck you can get. I could find no other guitar to suite my needs at all.
Plus its really a beautiful guitar.
Have a great day
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  1. Jim Wolcott

    “…simply because the humbucker pickup is made of a single-coil, making the tone sound deficient, if not a bit weak”

    That’s hilarious. You had best look up the definition of humbucker pickup. Try wikipedia if you don’t know anyplace else. That’s a twin-coil HUMBUCKER pickup on the Speedster.

    Oh and nice picture of the Speedster. I should know. It came from my website.

    1. Wandering Musician Post author

      Thanks Jim, I did not personally write the review for this guitar but appreciate you taking the time to point out the faults. I emailed the person who helped with the review and apparently the discrepancy came because older versions of the speedster used to come with a single coil pickup. This was the version he had. Still, I agree, the wording was confusing and not accurate.

      I personally do not own every travel guitar nor do I have first hand experience with every one so I had to outsource some of the reviews ie-“beg other people to help”. This was done in hopes that with one review in place we would receive feedback from other owners to help shape the review process. Not all the reviews we received were created equal but we will continue to offer a free place to voice opinions about travel guitars.

      We sincerely apologize if we used your guitar picture without asking and we immediately changed it to a simpler sale stock photo.


  2. Brian

    I think I can give you a better review of the speedster, im disabled and this guitar is just awesome. The finish the simplicity and the super light weight. Tuning is indeed a breaze and remains in tune. You can play this in a recliner.
    my only regreats is that they dont make a fancier one with ingraved fret work and a name brand humbucker and heigh end peizo .. For the money you cant beat this guitar.
    9 1/2 out of ten stars

  3. Brian

    Good job cleaning up my review, I just got the zoom
    and this guitar sounds amazing , even with the stock pickup.
    Keep up the good work.
    disabled dude.

  4. Wandering Musician Post author

    Brian, thanks for stopping in, I appended the input you emailed me to the original review as I think its useful info your sharing….
    thanks again,

  5. Thanassis

    Hi all. I’m interesting to buy this guitar but I don’t know what tunings is getting. My personal tuning is B. Is it possible to do it on this guitar or is just accepts E tuning?


  6. Jim

    I really like my Speedster, have had it for four or five years and play it regularly, even though I haven’t traveled much lately. One slight problem was my input jack loosened up, started rotating and tore out the wiring. No biggie, I resoldered, then after a bit it happened again.

    I probably should have thought of it for the first breakage, but this time I put on some Loctite (or similar — don’t recall the brand) and it’s been holding steady.


  7. Dom Ali

    I bought a used Traveler Speedster off eBay and love it. It fits into the overhead compartment of planes and lets me keep up my chops when I’m on the road. It’s a comfortable and cheap Chinese guitar that you really can take anywhere.

    Part of its charm is its inexpensive cost. If it’s lost or stolen, I’d be hurt, but not devastated. I can’t say the same about my prized EBMM Albert Lee guitar!

    Although I like the sci-fi look of the armrest when it’s attached, I’ve removed mine to cut down the weight and the guitar is still easy to play when I’m standing up or sitting down.

    The only gripe I have is with the weak pickup. I have an older single-coil model that has weak tone, but I plan on replacing it eventually. I’d recommend this guitar to anybody who needs a travel guitar. While it won’t replace your main axe, it’s the ideal travel companion. (Now if only it could carry my luggage!)

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