Traveler Ultra-Light Acoustic-Elecrtic Travel Guitar Review

Traveler Ultra-Light Acoustic-Elecrtic Travel Guitar

The Traveler Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar – A Light Practice Guitar You Will Love

If you’re looking for a lightweight acoustic-electric guitar that offers the level of quality you’re looking for when it comes to using it as a traveling musician, the Traveler Ultra-Light travel guitar may well fit the profile.

This guitar is the lightest – and one of the most affordable – full scale travel guitar of this type available on the market, and you’ll find it can be extremely easy to use, as it plugs into any standard amplifier or recording device, through its ¼ inch output.

Design and Features of the Traveler

The design of the Traveler is minimalistic, focused on providing an affordable and compact, lightweight guitar that’s perfect for taking with you on your travel journeys.

You’ll really love the super simple construction and compact design that will take any issue out of the equation, whether you’re just taking the Traveler with you to a friend’s house, or you want to pack it up for your overseas travels.

The fit and finish is particularly impressive, especially the design and care associated with the neck. As soon as you hold it, you’ll notice quite clearly that the frets have been carefully hand filled, and the entire guitar just feels natural.

Some of the most notable features the travel guitar is provided with include its detachable lap rest frame, the Shadow piezo pickup, and a highly fashionable deluxe gig bag that you’ll love using for carrying your instrument to each and every one of your gigs during your travels.

Sound and Dynamics

The Traveler is all about clean sounds, clear acoustics and excellent fine tuning capabilities. In terms of loudness, you’ll find it to produce about the same decibels as an unplug electric guitar, while the sound is quite rich and natural.

The sound quality does depend a lot on the type of amp you use. A standard amp might not yield the same results as a more potent, 10 megaohm amplifier. While the former might add a little too much twang and sound somewhat unbalanced, the stronger amp will provide a clean, rich sound, quite delectable to enjoy.

Although there is no volume control, so you’ll have to adjust the volume using your amp, the guitar offers excellent performance when it comes to sound quality, and you’ll find that with some overdrive, it will sound just like an electric guitar.

Is this a Durable Guitar?

In terms of its structural integrity, the guitar is definitely built to last. Remember that it was constructed especially for travelers, and accidentally banging it around is somewhat unavoidable while traveling, in most circumstances.

Despite all that, the guitar has proven itself to be very resilient and reliable, the one-piece maple neck and body withstanding even the most changing and challenging conditions with ease.

There are, in fact, hundreds of satisfied musicians who have bought the Traveler acoustic-electric travel guitar quite a long time ago, and most claim it has held up extremely well for years, which explains the manufacturer’s confidence to provide it with a 3-year warranty.

Well-designed, resilient and easy to use, this little guitar is the perfect solution for traveling musicians, whether you’re a beginner, or you’re already a seasoned musician used to playing the guitar for years.

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