Cebu is a province in the Philippines where the famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan first landed way back in March 1521. The funding for his planned expedition heading east was repeatedly denied by the king of Portugal so he went to Spain and got an approval from its king.

His expedition under Spain’s name was the first to circumnavigate the earth. But only his crew completed it because he was killed in Mactan, Cebu by Lapu-lapu who is now regarded as the country’s first national hero for resisting Spanish colonization.

Question: Enough with History, where are the beautiful women?

Answer: We’ll get there don’t worry. (Or you can scroll down)

So my wife and I decided to go Cebu and see some of its landmarks. It was a 45 minute fly from Metro Manila which is the country’s capital. One cost-effective hotel you can try for a short stay there is the NS Royal Pensione hotel where we stayed for just one night.

Our first stop was The Lapu-Lapu Shrine. This neat place is surrounded by lush gardens with a lagoon in its front.  It feels nice to stand near the edge of the lagoon because of the cool and gentle breeze blowing at you while enjoying a great view.

It has an office with a veranda where we’ll see a painting depicting the Battle of Mactan and a tablet with an inscription about Lapu-lapu’s resistance of Spanish invaders. After a relaxing stroll, we decided to go to our next stop, Fort San Pedro.

The Fort San Pedro which was built in 1738 is a structure used by the Spaniards to repel Muslim raiders. What we’ll find inside this fort are some sketches of Ferdinand Magellan, an illustration of the founding of Cebu City and the most beautiful women on earth. You’ve read it right—they are the Miss Earth Candidates of 2011.

That was something unexpected—we went there just to see the province’s landmarks but got a bit more than that. These beautiful girls we’re very friendly. Most of the visitors were asking to have a picture taken with them and they always do it with a smile.

So while checking the whole fort, I’ve imagined myself defending it by handling its cannons and other weapons. I’ve also checked what’s below it and saw myself dodging the enemy’s arrows. We’ve checked old Spanish items in its museum then decided to head on to our next stop, the Magellan’s Cross.

The Magellan’s Cross is a Christian cross placed by Ferdinand Magellan and his crew upon arriving in Cebu. It’s housed by a small concrete chapel. The cross is standing in a marble base with an inscription saying “This Cross of Tindalo Wood Encases the Original Cross Planted by Ferdinand Magellan On this Very Site April 21, 1521.” My calculator said that it’s celebrating its 491th anniversary this coming April 21, 2012.

So we got there and wait, the beautiful ladies are also here!? It looks like we have the same itinerary. Feeling like a paparazzi, I shot a photo of them from afar with the Magellan’s Cross. It’s tough to get inside to have our own pictures taken with the cross so we had to wait for most of the people leave until there’s enough space. Goodbye to the beautiful ladies.

Our last stop was the Taoist Temple. We got a hint of what it’s like in ancient China after getting here. It even has its own Great Wall. People are not allowed to take pictures inside the shrines and I even saw some teens getting reprimanded by the security guard for doing some jump shots.

The dragon, lion and other statues were really awesome. I’ve enjoyed looking at these beautiful works of art that defines a nation’s culture and its uniqueness.  If you guys were reminded about the beautiful ladies and is expecting them here as well, sorry but they went somewhere else.  Cheers! 

Taoist Temple

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  1. EJ Juen Jr
    EJ Juen Jr says:

    Hi Mike, I really had to behave myself in front of all of those women because the chief security I’m with might do more than just reprimand me…

    Oh you mean the security in the Taoist temple! :)

    Just kidding, my wife is the only girlfriend I had before we got married and trust has never been an issue. :)


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