Trying to not make an impact: No Impact Man starts worldwide project

earths cradleWe are told to make an impact on our world, but what about not making an impact?

Colin Beavan was and is a man on a mission. He decided more than a year ago to not make a carbon and pollutant impact on the world, but turning his life in a eco-positive way. He created himself into “No Impact Man.”

For one year, he and his family slowly and sometimes drastically took their consumption into their hands and changed it to better the environment. That meant not consuming new products but buying used or getting thrown out; buying organic and locally grown, and making their own products; turning off or getting rid of electronics that eat up energy and taking themselves off the grid; avoiding gas-guzzling transportation and using natural, human power; and much, much more.

What Beavan learned was he not only made an actual impact on the environment by trying to not make an impact, but he improved his health, his relationship and his overall well-being and purpose in life.

Being “eco,” “green,” or “conscious” of our impact is something easy to think about but hard to implement, just like a diet. However, Beavan shows that change is possible. This generation has never been more concerned about what will happen to our Earth if we don’t take care of it.

That is why Beavan started the No Impact Project, set to kick off this Sunday, Oct. 18. This project is eight days of developing skills to not create impact on the environment.Those that have signed up download (but don’t print out) a guide that will lead them through the week. Day one starts with consumption; then trash, transportation, food, energy, water and giving back. By the following Sunday, you will have seven skills that you put all together, and have time to reflect on your eco-sabbath.

Throughout, Beavan guides you to make the changes, creating a challenge for every day and listing tips and some past experiences from him and other “treehuggers.” According to Huffington Post, which has partnered with Beavan, “No, not everyone has to completely give up their cars and shut off their power; the guide gives many achievable levels of reducing your footprint and you can pick the goals that are right for you.”

His non-profit provides the perfect opportunity to bring this eco conversation paired with action to the world. according the the Post. “We want to spark a conversation about the way our culture looks at consumption,” Arianna Huffington said. “We hope that after focusing for just over a week on how our daily habits impact the world around them, (participants) will see the effect our actions have in a new light. It will be very interactive and social – and empowering.”

It is being called a “carbon cleanse” and like any detox before a new diet change, it can be beneficial and a starting point for all of those who want to be more eco-conscious but don’t know where and how to start.

If you want to be part of the change, gather some friends or try it yourself, and go to No Impact Project.

Learn more about  Beavan and his impact on his blog, and read about the documentary and his book, both titled “No Impact Man.”

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