T’was the Night Before Flying

T’was the night before flying and all through the place,
items lay scattered near the suitcase;
Passport and boarding pass were laid on the table with care,
and I was still fuming over the plane fare;
How I would love to be snuggled all warm in my bed,
But panicked thoughts of missed flights invaded my head;
There were clothes to be washed, before they were packed,
Luggage tags to fill out, so my bag could be tracked;
I blasted the music to keep motivated,
And wondered why I always procrastinated;
Slammed, crammed, double checked my list,
Jumped into a cab and wondered what I had missed;
We merged onto the highway and I cursed my luck,
As I saw a disabled vehicle awaiting a tow truck;
Arriving at the airport an hour later than planned,
I made my way to check-in, documents in hand;
Then standing in line, my excitement deflating,
I reminded myself that travel is waiting;
Heaving my case onto the scale,
It read forty-nine and half, I let myself exhale;
Bag now gone and feeling like a wreck,
I lined up for the security check;

Nick Harris' photo of Chicago O'Hare Airport Concourse.

Photo by Nick Harris.

Out with the laptop, off with the shoes,
Liquids a one-quart bag full of ooze;
Then to the gate, with the impatient horde,
As we stared at our books and waited to board;
First class, business, kids in the family,
And at last, economy schmucks like me;
Down the jetway our carry-ons we rolled,
And finally on to the plane we strolled;
Glancing at my seat number I realized with chagrin,
That I would be stuck in the middle again;
My personal item I crammed in the overhead bin,
And elbowed my seatmate as I strapped myself in;
I powered down my electronic devices,
Looked through the SkyMall and laughed at the prices;
The stewardess pointed out the fasten seat belt sign,
And an infant behind me began to kick and opine;
The Captain apologized for our delay,
And finally our plane sped down the runway;
And I thought to myself as we rose into the night,
“Happy Travels to all, and to all a good flight!”


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  1. La Jefa

    Hilarious! You didn’t miss a thing, except maybe the pat-down. Were you so lucky to have escaped it??

    1. Jennifer Choban Post author

      Damn! That would have been the perfect opportunity to mention belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly…

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