Dont look at the rearview mirror!

It was the weirdest feeling ever! My head felt it was growing yet becoming light, while the hairs on the back of my neck felt like they were standing from a very cold sensation running down my spine. It was the first time I’d felt this way and I was starting to freak out. But, I had to remain calm, cool, collected and not scream like a 17-year-old girl. After all it was my boyfriend and my third trip out-of-town together and it was too early in the relationship to show how freaked out I get with an unseen, but felt being. But who was I kidding?! My boyfriend is a psychic and he was already feeling what I was feeling. Turned out we had picked up a “hitchhiker”, unknowingly.

We didn’t know it had happened until we felt the weird sensation. Last thing I could remember was  travelling on our way back to Manila from a dive weekend in Batangas along the STAR Tollway. We started talking about my father who died a couple of years ago and had lived in Batangas. We continued talking and as we passed by the town of Lipa, which is where my father was originally from, I smelled candles burning. I asked my boyfriend if he smelled it and he nodded but did not say a word. Then the sensation followed.

My head felt like it was getting bigger but only from the right side and I felt the hair from the back of my neck to my right arm standing. Then my boyfriend asked, “How are you feeling?” I said, “I feel weird,” and described the sensation. Then he said, “Okay, don’t freak out, but we picked up something and it’s staring at you from the backseat.” Ahuh, yeah I am not supposed to freak out while “something” is staring at me from the backseat that we picked up while I was driving at 120kmh!!!

Is there something behind me?

As soon as he said backseat I couldn’t look at the rear view mirror. My eyes were glued to the road while my feet started to press harder on the accelerator hoping I could shake our “hitchhiker” out of the car. But the sensation started to grow stronger and I could start to feel my right arm getting numb. I asked my partner in my most calm and non-hysterical voice, “What’s happening? My right arm is getting numb.” He said, “The hitchhiker is closer to you now, about an inch.”


SInce we were talking about my father when the weird sensation started, I asked, “Is it my father?” My boyfriend said, “No, I can’t figure out what it is.” What?! There are different kinds? What’s going to happen now?

He gave me a rundown of the different possibilities of what we may have picked up, but it was definitely not the spirit of my dad. It may have gotten curious about our discussion and the energies we were sending out and I am sure with my partner’s psychic energies. Ever since I got into a relationship with him I’ve started being more aware of the supernatural. I was a non-believer of these things but my encounters made me question and at least open up to the possibilities.

Apparently, the objective of our “hitchhiker” is to get me tired and fall asleep, thereby causing an accident. The STAR Tollway is one of the more treacherous roads in the Philippines, especially at night. Its poorly constructed and not well maintained. My partner kept talking to me while he was doing some kind of incantation to persuade our un-welcomed passenger to get off. I was still in a state of disbelief and was starting to doze off, but the weird feeling kept me aware. The feeling started to subside as we exited the expressway, some 20 kilometers from Lipa. We decided to have dinner in one of the roadside eateries where we debriefed.


He said that these beings exist on a different plane and sometimes they get curious and muster up enough energy to interact. They didn’t mean to hurt, most of the time, but their energies collide with ours, sometimes with devastating effects. As travelers we need to be careful not only with what we see but also with what we don’t see. Awareness and openness to possibilities are very important. Further, we shouldn’t challenge, but respect beliefs and traditions of places we visit.

There were more stories that followed after this. My partner is a magnet and I am experiencing it by association. It is spooky, but interesting.

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