Underwater Sea Trekking in St. Thomas, There’s a Whole Other World Down There!

Those annual family vacations make the best memories and I don’t believe Sea Trekking in St. Thomas would have been the same if I were to make that trip alone. What is Sea Trekking? (Glad you asked!) In a nut shell this interesting adventure consists of wearing an overly bulky air tank helmet, an underwater tour guide and the craziest fish I’ve ever seen! Now I know there are plenty of sea diving adventures to do in the Virgin Islands but as this was a family vacation, this has got to be the best thing since sliced bread for those inexperienced divers and requires no license hassles. I mean, if they’re allowing children 8 and up on the tour, it can’t be that difficult. (Which was great since my niece was 10 at the time and my aunt is a horrible swimmer.)

One by one each of us were brought down to this amazing whole other dimension of crystal clear water and Picasso inspired fish herds; big, tiny and plain out microscopically sized fish swarmed together. Bursts of color dove at us and disappear in a blink of an eye. I’ve been on a bazillion tour guides and land excursions but experiencing these dancing rays of fish, nothing has ever amazed me more. So as our guide is explaining this other dimension my cousin comes across this pretty amazing looking creature. (I would say fish but I highly doubt it could fit in that category) Almost spider-like this new friend of ours climbed between the palm of his hands and quietly sat there as if this was its new home.

The tour continued and as we trekked through underwater wave currents (thankfully it was a calm day) the swarms of fish scattered throughout the walkway we were heading through. As our underwater adventure was coming to an end I have to admit becoming a more experienced diver went right to my mental bucket list. The world above is so complicated, full of restrictions and setbacks. This underwater world of beauty and fascination represents all that’s still pure in this world, no corruption or ridiculous stereotypes. Although this was a pretty basic and very commercialized tour guide, I had experienced a whole other world filled with wonder and hope that perhaps this land environment we’re living on could learn something one day about civilization from the undersea world.

So no matter how swarmed with ridiculous novelties or tacky souveniours I experienced quite a site that day and like I said before, family vacations always make the best memories. It’s completely normal for your goofy cousin to imagine his ‘muscles’ look bigger in the water or listening to your niece complain about how ridiculous the helmets look or better yet, your scared-to-death aunt that insists she stay as close to the railing as possible or she’ll drown (thankfully if she did in fact pee herself it wouldn’t have been as noticeable). So what kind of memorable family vacations have you been through and where did you go? I know I can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Michael Jon Falk

    I love the pictures Tiffany, those are some great family vacation photos haha and what a cool adventure for the whole family to experience. That’s the kind of stuff as kids we don’t tend to forget. It’s great to see families experiencing adventures together. Hmm, one memorable family vacation was fishing down near the everglades in Florida on a river.

    I was just a kid and within 10 minutes down by the water I seen a huge black snake come out of the water and then I got a bite. Being careful of the snake I wound my catch in to see what I had on the line. As soon as I got it out of the water it came sailing at me on the end of my line, a big blue crab. It was foreign to me at the time, never had see one and it was walking all crazy right at me. I dropped my pole and ran…lol I told my dad I had enough fishing for that day.

  2. Tiffany Post author

    Thanks Michael my family goes on an annual trip and it’s always a lot of fun because we don’t tend to spend much time together during the year. That’s got to be the fastest fishing trip I’ve ever heard of haha. Fishing was never a strong point for me either so you’re not alone 😉

  3. Jennifer Choban

    This looks like a good option for people who want to see what’s down there, but don’t dive. Before I learned how to dive, I did one of those crash courses at a hotel. My experience really wasn’t that enjoyable. A friend of mine tried SNUBA and hated it. Its good to know there are other ways to see under the sea.

  4. EJ Juen Jr

    Underwater adventures like this is really memorable and a great way to strengthen family bonding. Without those bubbles in the pictures—you guys looked like astronauts having an adventure in another world with fish aliens hovering around. lol. I planning to try this in one of my trips later since I don’t dive yet. 🙂

  5. Tiffany Post author

    Lol EJ you have such an imagination but you’re right we definitely do look like astronauts! Would really recommend trying this out if you’re not a regular or licensed diver because you still get to experience a whole lot of adventure! Go try it out and tell me how it goes 🙂

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