What’s the best way to spend your holidays 2011?  How about including some amazing scenery and an up close look at the history and nature of a place?  These hiking vacation tours will ensure you see interesting and unusual places while still satisfying your appetite for adventure.  Here are my five walking/trekking tours that you should definitely not miss.

If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with the Bamboo Forest in Maui, Hawaii.  The rustling of the bamboo by the wind will relax you on this moderately difficult hike.  Although there are no pandas in this bamboo forest, you can find many tropical birds and wildlife in the Hawaiian ecosystem.  The hike is great for nature lovers and historians both as you will also explore the Hawaiian Folklore and History.

Step into old-world Italy with the Cinque Terre Hiking Trip, a tour of five fishing villages in the Italian Riviera.  Starting from Florence, Italy, you will trek through vineyards and olive orchards as you explore a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site.  Visit the sunny beaches to catch a look at the brightly colored fishing boats.  Stroll through the seaside promenades and piazzas on your way to visit the shops and venders along the narrow paths.

Explore the frozen world of the Mendenhall Glacier just outside of Juneau, Alaska.  The hike starts with a trail through rocky terrain along the lake’s edge.  Once you reach the glacier, you will receive ice climbing instruction and a practice climb to familiarize you with using an ice pick and other equipment.  Then you can climb the Mendenhall Glacier to explore the ice caves and crevasses.  Get a front row view of streams and other glacial formations as you continue your climb.

Start your hiking vacation of the Colored Canyon in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt with a four-wheel drive trip across the desert to Abu Galum.  During the safari, see local wildlife such as Nubian Ibex, Red Foxes, and Striped Hyenas.  Then it is on to the colored canyon for a hike through the mountains.  View the changing colors of the sun glistening off of the oxidized surfaces of the cliffs and mountains.

Hiking in St. Miquel del Fai not far from Barcelona, Spain is an amazing tour.  Here you can combine viewing breathtaking natural scenery with the Medieval Architecture.  Start in a beautiful valley full of cascading water falling from rocky cliffs above into glistening pools.  Then tour St Miquel, a tenth century chapel that was built under a cliff.  A visit to the caves of St Miquel and Tosques will give you photo opportunities with the amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations.  You will explore the best that nature and history have to offer with this hiking vacation.

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  1. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Great article! We are planning a trip to Sharm el-Sheikh next year and now thinking of including the four-wheel drive trip across the desert to Abu Galum. Thanks for sharing this.


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