Veraneante Resort: A Bohol hidden paradise

Relax yourself with serenity in this hidden paradise; Veraneante Resort is located in the flourishing island of Panglao, Bohol. This inland resort was inaugurated in September 2012 and since then it has been a hotspot for local and foreign tourists alike.

Veraneante Resort

Veraneante Resort

Veraneante Resort may not be a beachfront property, but it boasts a luxurious oval-shaped swimming pool and an adjacent kiddie pool, which can also be readily converted into a big Jacuzzi. So one can take a dip in the cool waters and lay on the sunbed while basking under the lazy heat of the midday sun.

Veraneante Resort's Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

Veraneante Resort’s Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

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This family-owned and managed resort has seven exquisite rooms: Premium Cabana, Superior Duplex and Deluxe Duplex. For a family vacation, the Superior Duplex would be can accommodate   four people. Deluxe Duplex is a perfect choice for couples who are on a budget but would like to spend their honeymoon in relaxation and comfort. And for the couples who would like to have a more private and a one-of-a-kind honeymoon, the elusive Premium Cabana is a lovely pick. The rooms are often fully booked, especially during the tropical summer heat. The peak season in the Philippines usually starts by December and lasts up to May of the next year.

Veraneante Resort's Premium Cabana

Veraneante Resort’s Premium Cabana

Veraneante Resort's Superior Duplex

Veraneante Resort’s Superior Duplex

Veraneante Resort's Premium Cabana

Veraneante Resort’s Premium Cabana

Café Oppe is the resort’s restaurant which offers a fusion of international and Filipino dishes, delicately prepared by their in-house chefs. A wide array of cocktails, drinks and espressos are also available to complement sumptuous meals. Daily breakfasts, which are already included in the room rates, are served in the native-styled restaurant.

Cafe Oppe

Cafe Oppe

Cafe Oppe's Cocktails

Cafe Oppe’s Cocktails

Cafe Oppe's Espressos

Cafe Oppe’s Espressos

So if you decided to take a quick break from your everyday hustle-bustle, do visit Bohol and try booking in one of the seven lovely rooms of Veraneante Resort. Experience the privacy and relaxation that you truly deserve and pamper yourself with nature’s beauty.
For more inquiries, please feel free to visit the resort’s website:

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  1. Sugar Cane

    Hi Wynna.. I’ve been in Bohol last year and I like the place. You can feel the nature’s embrace. But I haven’t heard yet about Veraneante Resort. I’ve been looking for a place somewhere nice and quiet since I’ll be going back there by mid of this year. It seems that this resort would be a good place to stay.

  2. Michael Jon Falk

    I was hoping for more photos of Wynna in a Chef hat! haha The place looks awesome Wynna. What’s going on in that photo with the cocktails, is it raining?

  3. WYNNA Post author

    Hi Sugar! Yes, you’ll instantly love the place, they only have 7 rooms so it’s not so crowded. You’ll definitely have peace and quiet during your whole stay. You can check their website for more details. 🙂

  4. WYNNA Post author

    @mfalk75: I can’t post my pics of me in a chef’s hat because i don’t really wear uniform, it makes me itchy. LOL someone suggested to splash some water in the background for effect, so probably that was the water splashing. haha

    You should definitely come and visit us soon Mike! 🙂

  5. Marivel Laguros

    Thank you for featuring Veraneante Resort Bohol. So,if you plan on visiting Bohol please do stay with us. We’re more than happy to serve you and make your vacation memorable.

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