Contour POV Helmet Cam – Wearable Video Camera


Contour, previously known as VholdR, is pioneering hands-free recording like never before. With the ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera, software, and community platform, location based video has never been more fun. Contour makes location video easy to shoot and share with the world. Such tools enable modern day explorers to tell stories of adventure, action, and travel in high quality video.


In September 2010, Contour Added GPS and released the CoutourGPS. It’s the first hands-free video camera to capture real-time GPS data along with high-def, 1080p video. With an integrated GPS receiver, ContourGPS records location data 1x per second with near pinpoint accuracy. The GPS data, along with impressive HD footage, can then easily be edited with the new Contour Storyteller application. You can even post your GPS videos to Watch and share your thrilling run while tracking progress, speed, and elevation on a map.


ContourHD is Contour’s basic model, enabling modern day explorers to capture video hands-free in impressive HD. Its use couldn’t be simpler either, even with your gloves on it’s pretty easy. Just slide the record switch forward to start and back to stop. The TRail Mount System slides and locks the camera onto a series of mounts. You can wear the ContourHD on your helmet, goggles, windshield, or handlebars. The wide-angle lens can rotate and two lasers allow shooting from any mounting direction making video easy to capture from inside the action.

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