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Travelers are always looking for a new adventure and planning their next trip. Volunteering on vacation can be a rewarding and exciting way to spend your vacation. There are a huge range of volunteer travel opportunities to choose from.

In Mexico you can join a research project to study the condition of reefs. You will go on dives to learn to identify the fish and coral that make up the reefs and gather information to ensure their health. Staying near the white-sand beaches and enjoying the Caribbean Sea are all part of the trip.  You can find more information here:  Volunteer on crucial marine life and coral reef conservation programs and learn to Scuba dive

If you are a cat lover then don’t miss the opportunity to work with the big cats of Africa. In Victoria Falls you can work on a project to release orphaned lion cubs to the wild. Daily walks with the cubs and overnight care of them are part of the ways you will get to know the animals. Give back to Africa by helping researchers gather data about the lions in the area.  For more information visit here:  African Lion Rehabilitation And Conservation – Victoria Falls in Victoria Falls

Another opportunity to work with African wildlife is at the Masai Mara Lion and Wildlife Research & Conservation Project in Kenya. One of the goals of the project is to monitor lion populations and movements. Volunteers will take pictures of the lions, help to name individuals, and gather data about pride behavior to assist researchers.  For more information visit here:  Masai Mara Lion And Wildlife Research & Conservation Project in Masai Mara, Kenya

Travel to Saigon Vietnam to help in planning the Beauty in Diversity Day. This annual event brings together many organizations to celebrate three days: World AIDS Day, International Volunteer Day and the Day for Disabilities Day all in the first week of December. As a volunteer you contribute your ideas and help to implement the plans for the festival. You can be involved in decorating and prep raring for games and activities that are part of the celebration.  For more information please visit here:  Beauty in Diversity Day

To have a look into the Stone Age go to Finland to join the Stone Age Project. The goal of the project is to teach volunteers about the Finnish wild woods. You will learn ancestral fishing techniques, survival skills and making handcrafts from materials gathered in nature. Learn stone-age technology while living in an ancient nomadic group in order to focus on teamwork and being able to live in harmony with nature. Your accommodations include Stone Age houses and even winter igloos.  For more information please visit here:  Primitive Surviving Project

Put your gardening skills to use in Mongolia. Help an orphanage to manage the vegetable garden that feeds the children. There are chances to play sports and games with the children as well. This remote location is on a Mongolian plain with a beautiful landscape.  For more informaton visit here:  The Childcare Centre of Mongolia (CCM)

Choosing the right volunteer travel opportunity for you can make your vacation a memorable. Consider your interests, time available, budget and skill set to find the perfect way to make a difference while learning about another culture.

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