Voyage Air VAOM-06 Travel Guitar Review

The Voyage Air VAOM-06 Travel Guitar is the ideal solution for musicians who want a travel-friendly guitar without sacrificing craftsmanship, durability or sound quality.

Unlike competing instruments, it uses patented design technology, featuring a hinged neck. This feature allows you to easily fold it in half to carry in a backpacker style carrying case, which is included with your instrument purchase. In fact, it boasts such a compact design that it easily meets the carry-on luggage requirements for all commercial airlines.

To be honest this hinged innovative design was the main selling point to me.  I can’t believe nobody thought of this before but maybe they thought like I did.  I thought it probably won’t stay in tune but I was wrong.  I’m amazed every time I pull it out of the case and open it up because its perfectly tuned.

I’m even more amazed when I start playing because it definitely exceeds my expectations for a guitar priced under $1000 dollars.  It actually sounds better than some other more expensive guitars I’ve played including a Taylor I own.  You will hear the following comment a lot, “wow, I can’t believe how nice it sounds.”  It also looks nice.

Featuring a beautiful East Indian rosewood fretboard, chrome plated tuning heads, and a distinctive pickguard, this guitar is perfect for those who don’t want to forgo a stunningly designed instrument to obtain portability.

Featuring a bright, clear tone within all regions of the fretboard, it can tackle all genres of music no matter what strikes your fancy.

Constructed of durable African mahogany and a solid spruce top, you can count on the Voyage Air VAOM-06 Travel Guitar to perform expertly for years to come, no matter where your travels take you. This model is perfect for impromptu jam sessions around a campfire, family gatherings, and for those times when inspiration strikes at random moments. With this guitar, you never have to stifle creativity in favor of convenience because it is so easy to tote around that you never have to go without it!

Musicians who have particularly strict requirements regarding instrument playability can rest assured that each model is carefully inspected and expertly set up in the United States. This allows eager musicians to start playing immediately without having to worry about making adjustments to action or fret height.

This guitar is also perfect for touring musicians who must deal with cramped conditions such as tour buses or road vans on a daily basis. As seasoned performers know, instruments that are compact and easy to carry are indispensable.  Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself at home playing this guitar because you refer to it as your best guitar.

The Voyage Air VAOM-06 Travel Guitar is the ultimate in portability, playability and convenience for musicians with even the highest expectations. If you want an instrument that can exceed your demands while matching your active, globetrotting lifestyle, this is your perfect guitar!

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  1. Wesley Lem

    This is a most excellent review of the Voyage-Air VAOM-06 guitar. I’ve owned one since August of last year and it has been the perfect all-around acoustic guitar. Being able to fold in half is just the icing on the cake because it plays and sounds great! If you are looking at buying a travel guitar, treat yourself to the very, very best travel guitar on the planet. It’s a keeper! Keep up the good work!!! Very informative review.

  2. Barney Leeson

    This is an amazing guitar. To be able to have a full size instrument that sounds and plays great and makes you want to be creative! It is also the coolest thing EVER to show your guitar player/musician friends!!!!!

  3. Jim Jones

    //// Both of these reviews are from Voyage Air sales staff. This type of marketing really takes away from the credibility of this website, your company, and your products. Please leave the comments section to actual customer reviews so that I and other visitors can make informed decisions before purchasing gear. Shameless.

  4. Wandering Musician Post author

    Ugg, don’t know what’s going on with comments, the last 7 or so all got unapproved after I approved them. So yeah, thanks Jim. Like I said before I we don’t really check comment authors to much, just that the comment is on topic. At the least they did use a real name but nothing is to stop anyone from making a comment under any name and giving praise. For every manufacture that visits the site and leaves a comment I hope there will be 10 regular folks such as yourself to come make the review process somewhat helpful. Thanks

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