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So many of you ask, where is this guitar or how did you forget this one, etc.  We didn’t forget, we are just cheap!  We can’t afford to have every possible travel guitar out there but trust us, we wish we could.  So what is one to do?

You Own the Guitar?  Really, that’s awesome because then you should write the review for us.  In turn we will mention you, give you a link to URL of your choosing like your personal blog and such.  You don’t have to be some awesome crazy writer or anything.  Just get the conversation going and maybe other members will come along and help fill in the details in our comments.  So don’t be shy – give us your review.  Contact wanderingmusician8@gmail.com  (All travel guitar review submissions should be the authors original work and approximately 400-500 words.)

You Sell the Guitar?  Sometime we get people that sell a guitar wanting to submit a review.  Our readers don’t like this as you can imagine.  So, we suggest you kindly donate a sample for us to use and abuse, pass around to friends and really give it a go.  We will try to have a complete review up within one months time.  Please contact us again at wanderingmusician8@gmail.com to set this arrangement up.  Thank you for all your help in starting this “traveling with a guitar” community.

I don’t own it, I don’t sell it, I just want to see a review on it!  Ok, we got it, lets make this happen.  Please use the comments below or email us with any suggestions and we will do our best to get a review.  These suggestions are very helpful because it helps us seek out new guitars we might not be aware of.  It also helps us set our focus when we see a bunch of people requesting the same guitar.

Thank you to all who have already responded!

-Wandering Musician Team

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  1. Michael

    How come there is no mention of Voyage-Air Guitars? They claim to be the “Future of Guitar Travel”? It would be nice to hear what people are saying about folding guitars. No joke, people like Steve Miller, Paul McCartney’s bandmates, Pat Simmons of the Doobies and Brad Paisley to name a few, all have and play Voyage-Air guitars. What’s up with your editorial staff that they haven’t even mentioned Voyage-Air guitars on this website?? Check out Voyage-Air at http://www.voyageairguitars.com

  2. Wandering Musician Post author

    Michael, thanks for the suggestion, we will be following up with more reviews shortly and Voyage-Air is on the list. Thanks 🙂

  3. D Gherardini

    Gents, My 1st priority for a travel guitar is the scale. I have already ran thru a couple of short scale guitars and they simply wont do. Intonation and fingering probs rise to the top quickly with a short scale. Big sound is not very high on the priority list, but accurate intonation is, and a good neck is, and it should play as near to my main axe mechanically as possible..so very short scales are not desireable. Any recommendations on a scale no less than 24.75 and a small body, about 36″ or less OAL. Something like this little martin I bought but with a 24.75 scale would be just right.

  4. Wandering Musician Post author

    Maybe look into the blackbird nylon version…scale length is 25.6″ (650mm), let us know what you decide!

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  6. Jeroen

    You guys should take a look at the epiphone SG express and Epiphone Les paul Express.

  7. mark

    I’m a pilot interested in a travel guitar. Tried a Traveler Mk-II but unfixable 1st fret buzz made me return it. Wood hollow-bodies are too bulky and I’m concerned about the dry environment of the cockpit. I’m looking for some info/feedback on the Hohner G3T and Steinberger GT and Synapse series. Any info would be great. Thanks, Mark.

  8. Bill

    I would suggest having a look at the new Lap axe electric travel guitar made by Quaystone music. Lots of good ones out there but the Lap axe is very very good, very compact, plays like butter, and truly walks the walk of a quality instrument..My only concern is that if I am on that pilots flight, he’ll forget to put it down and land the plane!


    I fall in love with my new travel guitar~

    Snowpeace Little Country (Leaf)

    I love the design and color aesthetically consistent with nature.
    I bought it on ebay, I love to look at the lack and mountain near my house and play it at the same time~

    VILHJÁLMUR from Iceland

  10. kalico jack

    would love to know if any one has had experience with the cupit travel guitar?….. just dropped the $$$ on it today,… so while i obscess and engage in self doubt while waiting for it to arrive,… would love to know what ya’ll think.

  11. JohnZ

    There are some new kids in town, but no reviews yet:
    Triff/the Bone El Mosquito (smallest anywhere according to the manufacturer)
    Stranough’s The Tripper (looks like Traveler’s “speedster”, but with a bolt-on neck)
    Really hope to have any reviews soon.

  12. fabio

    hey there i would love to have a review of the: snowpeace little country. i think the zebra look is just awesome.

  13. Lauren

    Hey, I was wondering if you could do a review on the Luna Safari Tattoo Travel Acoustic Guitar. I really like the look of this guitar, but I have not seen many reviews of this one. Also, I barely know how it sounds and if it is a good purchase for the buy. I have had an eye on this one for a while now so I might buy it.

  14. Tim

    I bought a slightly used Beaver Creek travel guitar and I’m thrilled with it. Great quality but the flimsy bag doesn’t really cut it, this guitar deserves better. The company doesn’t appear to offer any other bag or case.
    Does anyone know where I could find a hard case for something this size? Or something similar to the Washburn molded bag ?
    cheers, Tim

  15. Bill

    It’s time to check out Lap axe travel guitars. Beautiful wood, hardware and design. Ya maybe I’m bias, but hey, our customers are also. Hope you’ll have a look. http://www.lapaxe.com

  16. Gemma

    Hi everyone,

    Im requesting reviews for the:

    BeaverCreek BCRB501E

    Yamaha APXT2

    Traveler guitar AG 105 EQ

    If anyone owns these guitars and would like to post a review itll be much appreciated!

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