Wechter 1720 Elite Travel Guitar Review

Thanks to Abraham Wecther’s commitment to providing quality at an affordable price, the Wechter model 1720 Elite stands alone among travel guitars. With a solid mahogany top, sides, and back, it produces a warm, full tone comparable to its traditional sized counterparts.

This model also features a nato neck, rosewood fingerboard, and Plek Pro Setup, a technique which gives each guitar a personalized setup that is accurate as well as perfectly buzz-free. Wechter uses the Plek Pro Setup on all of his guitars.

The Plek Pro machine is computer controlled and has the ability to level frets to .001 mm accuracy. This adds to the guitar’s playability and eliminates problems caused by high string action. Though this feature is not usually offered on an inexpensive travel guitar, Wechter, once again, has proven his commitment to quality.

It is this Plek Pro Setup, which gives the Wechter 1720 Elite a low action. Stated simply, action on an acoustic guitar refers to how high the strings are from the fret. The higher the strings, the more difficult the instrument will be to play.

High action on an acoustic guitar will compromise the playability of the guitar, and can actually be painful for the picker. High action also makes it difficult to keep the guitar in tune.

Because the Wechter Elite is a travel guitar, durability is important. The mahogany wood it is fashioned from is a type of hard wood, used in furniture and boats. This wood’s strength makes it the perfect choice for a travel guitar.

The satin finish, while detracting a tiny bit from the tone, is also an important component when building for durability. It is a given that a travel guitar is going to get knocked about at some point, and the satin finish makes it even more durable.

Though the Elite is among the smallest of Wechter’s guitars, 23.3” scale as opposed to the normal scale of 25.5”, there is not enough difference to make it awkward to switch between the normal sized acoustic and the 1720 elite. That makes it a perfect guitar for professionals to use when practicing or traveling, as well as an excellent first guitar for beginning players.

Overall this is an amazing travel guitar from one of the supreme guitar makers, Abraham Wechter. He brings the same innovation and insight of his high end models to this compact 1720 Elite travel guitar.

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