What Musical Artist would you Travel Across the World to see Live?

Bjork-swan-dressCertainly there is music that transforms who we are when we listen, music that just picks us up and sweeps us away to far off places.  It’s a common feeling depending on my mood, but some artist seem to do it for me every time.   Somehow they are unique,  they have something special, a creativity that drives their musical talents beyond ordinary.  In fact, for a minute I have found myself thinking, “Oh my god, is she human?”

When you take a choir from Greenland,  chamber orchestras, a powerful range of vocals, hushed whispers, beats made from household sounds, and a ton of experimental sound manipulation (like the sound of feet trampling broken glass); well how can you not feel traveled?  Who am I talking about?  I’m talking about Bjork and she seems to send me on a vulnerable spiritual journey through cultures, across emotional landscapes and to the heights of towers every time I listen.

OK, some of you are thinking….”Bjork?  Isn’t she that crazy singer who wore the swan dress to the Academy Awards?”  OK, Yes, we are talking about the same musician, but sadly that’s where your information about her ends.

OK, admittedly it’s a weird dress and she does seem to have a affinity for bird outfits, feathers, etc.  Maybe she just wants to be a bird.  Maybe she wants to fly away or something, I don’t know.

What I do know is that you should dig a little deeper past the outfits and find out who Bjork really is through her music.  Listen to the song below and I promise you will get a new perspective and appreciation for her.

OK, so where am I going with all this?  Oh yeah, I know, back to my original question:  What Musical Artist would you Travel Across the World to see Live?  Of course we have been places and said, hmm, I wonder what concerts are going on in the area tonight.  I’m not talking about that.  I’m saying you plan your trip and destination to some far away place with the sole purpose of seeing this musician play live.

Obviously mine is Bjork but it’s so easy because she is always playing in cool venues in really cool places.  In the video below she is performing in the Royal Opera House in London England.  Currently she has some concert dates planned for 2013 at  Le Zénith in Paris France.

I have been fortunate to be able to see Bjork live once in my life time but I’m definitely going to try and make that twice and I’m thinking about somewhere far away.  So how about you?


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  1. Debbie

    Lucky for me, I live in a Music Mecca. Everybody wants to play Toronto and so I have seen most of the acts I like already; some more than once. Just saw The Who and they were fantastic! If I could afford it, I’d plan all kinds of trips around concerts, because those and travel are two of my favourite things. The Rolling Stones, perhaps?

  2. Michael Jon Falk Post author

    haha Jenny, are you wearing their shirt right now? 😉
    Thanks Debbie, Toronto is great but I’ve never seen a concert there or did I? haha, no I don’t think so….gosh I feel like my mind is losing some info some where. Whats your favorite venue in Toronto?

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