Bangkok is the Capital of Thailand and one of the true shining stars of the orient. Known for its vibrant nightlife, ornate shrines, outstanding luxury restaurants and beautiful Royal Grand Palace, the city will astound and impress you in more ways than one. It provides a unique and luxurious experience to all of its visitors, and promises a truly unforgettable pastime.

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Check Out Where to Check in

Swimming pools, palm trees and a great place to take a load off and feel like you’re on a real tropical getaway – these are just some of the great advantages of staying at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.  Also, the friendly staff and the uniquely comfortable, well-designed rooms will definitely delight you.
For a more modern and quite romantic feel, you can enjoy one of the rooms at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.  This award-winning hotel features a spa, outdoor tennis court and even a salt water swimming pool. Guests can check in fast, and enjoy a stunning nighttime view of the city, as well as the most comfortable, modern rooms.
For a truly fabulous view of Bangkok from above, and a stunning rooftop restaurant the likes of which you’ve probably never even seen in movies, it’s definitely worth staying at the Lebua At State Tower – a 5-star luxury hotel that offers rooms with family-friendly facilities, diverse and high end amenities, private balconies and even sightseeing tours the hotel can organize at the front desk.

Food Places Galore

There are truly numerous food places and luxury restaurants to be found in Bangkok, and you don’t really have to go too far in order to spot them.  The eccentric and uniquely delicious dishes of this oriental marvel have long been considered some of the best reasons to visit Bangkok in the first place.

First on the list is what some critics have named the best Thai food restaurant in the world.  Nahm was born from the inspiration of renowned chef-author David Thompson, and uses ancient Thai secret recipes for the preparation of unique dishes such as chicken livers and smoked fish curry with prawns.

Likhit Kai Yang is found just behind Ratchadamnoen Stadium, and is considered one of the best older restaurants in Thailand.  Here you can enjoy delicious meals such as charcoal roasted chicken, without spending too much, and the friendly English-speaking owner and staff will guide you toward getting everything to your liking.

Finally, for anyone interested in learning more about, and even trying out some of the dishes that the Thai Royal Family enjoy, you can book a reservation at Krua Apsorn.  This homely dining place offers the best and most genuine dishes coming from central and southern Thailand.

Sightseeing in Bangkok

If you’re in Bangkok, you simply must visit the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho.

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Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho Photo by DavideGorla

This huge statue stands 15 meters tall, and the feet alone measure about five meters.  Wat Pho is a beautiful Buddhist temple complex that holds many more worthy sights, and is located on Rattanakosin Island, a little farther south from the Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace itself is one of the most beautiful places in the city, and definitely worth checking out.  It is more than 130 years old, and by far the most ornate and stunning building in Bangkok.  You can find numerous tour guides at a cheap rate, who can give you a sightseeing tour, and also provide you with a detailed and fascinating recounting of the Palace’s history.

When you’re tired of temples, shrines and the vibrant street life of Bangkok, you can also consider relaxing in the Rama IX Park.  This is the largest green space in the city, featuring a beautiful, large lake and a stunning botanical garden with exotic plants from around the world.  Despite being quite amazing as a venue, the park is surprisingly little-known among tourists.

Explorer’s Tips

Want to know how people in Bangkok used to live?  The best way to get a real taste of the city’s past is to head down to the klongs (the Bangkok canals) with a long-tail boat.

Here is where you can find the simpler, more natural life of Bangkok, as it was before the skyscrapers and tourists arrived. In some areas, you’ll even see traders and local inhabitants who actually live in these regions, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around renovated traditional teak houses.

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How to Truly Enjoy Your Day in Bangkok – A Day Off the Beaten Path

While a typical day visiting Bangkok as a tourist might start with a sightseeing tour and a few quick visits at museums, temples or the Royal Palace, you might be interested in something a little more unique – especially if you’ve already done all that.

Where else can you start your day strolling down the street and spotting a 30-meter tall three-headed elephant in the middle of a big city?  Bangkok’s Erawan Museum is the home of this gargantuan statue, and a fitting place to start your day off the beaten path visiting Thailand’s capital.

The next place to visit would be the Papaya Vintage Shop.  Not too well-known among tourists, this shop is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and it’s definitely worth a look.  You can find some truly bizarre vintage items here, some of them only put on display because they are truly out-of-this-world weird – and not because they might be for sale.  It’s worth going up to the top floor to also see professional photographs and models actually organizing unusual photo shoots inside the shop.

For adventurous visitors looking for the more bizarre side of Bangkok, there’s also the Bangkok Forensic Museum.  This museum features some of the most sinister and morbid exhibitions you’ll ever find – such as rooms dedicated to various parasites, and how they affect the human body, glass and wood cabinets featuring real skeletons, or plastic snakes, spiders and other creepy things.

In the evening, a great place to visit is Bangkok’s huge open-air bazaar, the Rot Fai Market.  Here, you can find anything from hippie knickknacks and old furniture, to vintage collectibles and memorabilia.  You can also spot vintage cars and traders selling modern apparel typical of Bangkok’s night markets.


Rot Fai Market

Bangkok is, without a doubt, one of the most vibrant and highly original cities in the world, blending traditional culture and modern technology in a striking contrast that has delighted and pleasantly surprised its numerous visitors for decades.

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