What to do in Tenerife?

Tenerife is located off the west coast of Africa and is part of the beautiful Canary Islands. It is known as “The Island of Eternal Spring.” Cheap holidays to Tenerife are a great option for a romantic getaway as well as a family vacation. There are plenty of things to see and do and the weather is ideal year round, providing consistent sunshine and warmth. A holiday to Tenerife can consist of white sandy beaches with a lot going on around you. It’s extremely affordable which helps make this destination a great getaway (View Hotel Rates).

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Tenerife is the Las Americas resort which has a large water park and attractions such as sea animals, crocodiles and sea lions. Mount Teide overlooks Tenerife and can be seen in great detail by riding up to the top of the mountain in a cable car to enjoy the view. A number of other wildlife parks are also in the area and further highlight the landscape. Loro Parque has sea life as well as daily shows featuring penguins, tigers and dolphins.

Throughout the course of the year a number of different themed fiestas take place for tourists to enjoy with their families. Many of these fiestas focus on the saint’s days which are religious events that are highly recognized by the locals. American celebrations such as Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest are put to shame with Tenerife’s parties that bring in thousands of visitors each year, adding to the exceptional nightlife.

For those visitors that are in Tenerife with their spouse and have left the kids at home, Bar Imperfecto, which is located in Santa Cruz, provides a nightlife atmosphere complete with rock and alternative music to enjoy. Banana Garden in the Palm Beach area has traditional Mexican food to top off the cultural experience and you can even hear some local music while you dine. After you finish your meal you can join the other guests on the dance floor for the evening. You can also check out a number of musicals and plays that run throughout the year in Tenerife.

During the day there are a great deal of shops that you can pick up some souveniers from in the areas of Tenerife and Santa Cruz. You can also stop by a surf or bike shop to enjoy one of the locals favorite activities: shopping! The number of cultures that are encompassed into Tenerife makes shopping and dining two of the most featured areas of your holiday. You can dine on local fish and lobster which are usually topped with local ‘mojo’ sauce. Every local restaurant has their own take on this topping so you can even make it your mission to find your favorite while you are there.

Taking some time away from your busy schedule to visit Tenerife will surely be something you will want to do again and again. The beautiful blue skies and year round warmth of the sun pretty much guarantees that no matter what time of year you make the trek, you will enjoy your stay. This island never slows down and you can find plenty to do no matter what time of year.

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