Why Mexico? Top Five Reasons for a Visit

Why Mexico? Top Five Reasons for a Visit

It may be a clichéd vacation and you may not be exploring pastures that have never been walked before, but that doesn’t mean that a trip to Mexico wouldn’t be an unforgettable adventure that will open your eyes to cultures and history that you’ve never seen before.

Whether you choose the glorious beaches associated with Cancun holidays (http://www.thomascook.com/lp/1×6-enddwe/holidays-cancun) or you are travelling to Mexico to explore the ancient Mayan ruins, you can be sure of a holiday of a lifetime.

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If you’re still unsure, here are some reasons why a trip to Mexico should be on the cards:

  • It’s Affordable! As far as exotic holidays are concerned, Mexico is one of the cheapest. Sure, it will likely cost more than a week in the Costas but just think of what awaits you! From Chichen Itza to Xcaret and swimming with dolphins in Cancun, there’s so much on offer and for a reasonable air fare too.

  • The Climate. If you’re a fan of hot temperatures and hours upon hours of sunshine, Mexico is the place for you. Just don’t forget the sun cream and a hat!

  • Ancient History is in abundance in Mexico and one of the main reasons why tourists flock to the country year after year. The ancient ruins of Chichen Itza and other Mayan artifacts on the Yucatan Peninsula are absolute must-sees.

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  • Exotic Beaches aren’t just for Caribbean islands you know. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, Mexico has its fair share of glistening sandy beaches waiting for you to dig your toes in to.

  • The Excursions that await you are, quite simply, breathtaking. From the cenotes of Yucatan State to scuba diving in the azure waters off the coast of Cancun, you just can’t beat the day trips available.

The trips, the food, the weather, the rich history and the glorious beaches – no wonder Mexico welcomes visitors from all over the world every year. Whether you’re looking for Cancun holidays or prefer to head off the beaten track, your possibilities are endless.

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  1. Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer)

    Consider visiting the central highlands known as the Bajio (accent over the “i”) which has the old colonial towns of the silver mining route like Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Queretero. You can fly there directly to international airports in Leon and Queretero thereby avoiding both the border and Mexico City (not that I don’t also like Mexico City). I lived in San Miguel de Allende for a year as a child in 1963 and returned last year for the first time. It felt safe, the people were lovely and it’s picturesque.

  2. Brandon Marzec

    Really good post, so beautiful there 🙂

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