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Write with us, not for us, travel bloggers wanted

Do you want to write for a travel blog website? Maybe you have already started a travel blog yourself with the ultimate dream: Get Paid to Travel – yes please! Finding travel writing jobs is not exactly easy but just about anyone can make a travel blog.

Still, that does not guarantee that you are going to get paid to travel the world. Someone has to find it useful and actually show up to read it! Mom, Is that you? OK, Mom, is probably not going to cut it. You need a big audience and then you need a strategy to monetize it.

If you are going to be relevant in Google you also need to wear a lot of hats. SEO King, Social butterfly, IT guy, you get the idea. On top of that, you have to keep those new fresh post rolling in on a consistent basis. You might start to think how can I actually do all this and still enjoy myself while traveling.

Well, nobody said this was going to be easy but you already knew that. You’re beaming with the motivation and drive to make this happen for yourself. You have that look of mad determination in your eyes. With eager hands, you reach for your morning cup of coffee ready to energize your thoughts for the day. It’s time to win at this game called life! Well, hold on; don’t spill your coffee on yourself, maybe we can help.

What is Round World Travels? Whom is this for? What are we offering? What are the benefits of writing with us?


My name is Michael and I created Round World Travels to bring adventure/travel bloggers together in a fun unique way. My vision is a fun and encouraging atmosphere that fosters collaboration, supportive attitudes, and community. Ultimately, I hope such an environment will lead to the cultivation of some truly amazing content. For more information on Round World Travels and me please see our About page.


We are looking for people that like adventure and travel but most importantly, enjoy writing about it. You may already have your own personal travel blog, that’s great, we will link to it from your guest post. View this site as a supplement to your own blog with lots of great community benefits we will discuss further down this page.

Maybe you are just starting out and don’t have a blog yet, that’s OK too. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your feet wet. The bottom line remains the same for everyone; we are looking to provide our readers with high-quality engaging content. If you have, a firm grasp of the English Language and are able to create fun and unique informative articles we want to hear from you.

We are not looking for SEO Companies, Copywriters, Commercial Websites or anyone trying to link-bait with content that is not relevant to travel and adventure. Currently, we are not accepting Sponsored Posts. As you can see this is only for individual and fellow bloggers that run personal travel and/or adventure blogs relevant to our niche.


Travel Guest Post Opportunities? Paid Travel Writing Jobs? Info on how to become a travel writer? A Free Trip around the World?
OK, that last one, “a free trip around the world” is probably not in our budget but I like that you’re a dreamer too! Below is a summary of some more realistic expectations.


Submit One Unique Post – This is the first step and where you will start before we invite you into our private forum called “GUESTHOUSE”. You will read more about that later but for now, let us focus on the guest post. It must have a minimum of 1000 words. We only consider posts submitted with proper grammar and spelling for publishing. There is no guarantee we will publish your post but follow our rules and there is a good chance.

Besides unique, the content should resemble useful travel and/or activity guides. Avoid the meandering “First we did this, then we went here, then I visited…” We don’t want that. Instead, it should provide practical info, advice, and insight into specific destinations or activities without being too focused on yourself. Personality is good but we are looking for useful content/guides that aim to help our readers.

I am not saying do not include your personality in the article but ask yourself if your article is helpful. Will it help someone traveling to the same destination, participating in the same activity? If not then we probably don’t want it. Here is a good example of a personal experience that is also helpful to a reader: Milford Track: The Finest Walk in the World

Your content/user guides can be as Narrow (top 10 BBQ joints in Memphis TN) or as Broad (A Quick Guide to Thailand) as you like. Consult our Categories to make sure your topic fits into the scope of what we want to offer our readers. If it doesn’t contact me and we can discuss adding a new category if it seems appropriate.

In addition, please use your own photos to support your article. This is a travel blog, people want to see your photos.

Finally, your post/guide will already link to your travel blog at the bottom of the article with a short Bio so please do not include a second link. The only links we will accept in the body of the article are deep links to content that is relevant to the current topic. With the exception of the previously mentioned link to your personal travel blog, all other links will be nofollow. No affiliate links, no spam, no exceptions.
For more information please view our Publishing Policy & TOU


Right, you need to see the money, we all do. Once you have one approved guest post published on Round World Travels we will invite you into a private forum called “GUESTHOUSE”. Once in the guesthouse, you can review and apply for paid assignments based on your rtwa rank. Higher-ranking members can access better-paying assignments.

Earning rank is simple. Just interact on the site, guest post, comment on others articles, participate in forum discussions. Almost everything you do on Round World Travels can earn you rtwa points.


Community – You are no longer alone. Personally, I believe the single biggest advantage is having a group of people around you with similar interests that share a common good. Because it’s a small focused niche community you will be able to network more closely with your peers and form new friendships.

No more lonely nights slaving away on your blog pressed for ideas. All members with at least one guest post get an invite into our private forum called the “GuestHouse”. It’s there for travel bloggers to collaborate, discuss post ideas, and interact with each other behind the scene. As mentioned earlier you can also apply for paid assignments there.

Your time in the Guesthouse can be used to help brainstorm new post ideas for both, Round World Travels as well as your own blog. Just swing in and see what your peers have to say. Maybe they have just the right mojo to get those creative ideas flowing again.

Sharing is Caring – There is a forum for that too! On Round World Travels, we created a public forum called Travel Blog Directory specifically for sharing what’s going on with your personal travel blog projects. We encourage you to share your story here but perhaps more importantly, see what someone else is doing. It’s really the biggest thing you can do. When you support others, people will reciprocate the love and that is how this all makes sense. Hang around on the site, read what your peers are up to and comment, share, and let them know you are thinking of them. They would do it for you.

Attribution – Each article you publish will include one link to your personal travel blog as well as a link to your profile here on Round World Travels. You can share all kinds of stuff on your profile.

Author Advertising for Recent Contributors – In addition to normal attribution at the bottom of your post, you will also be added to a promotional spot on our blog. This spot features our recent contributors and rotates at random for exactly one month after you submit a guest post. This feature appears at the top of every post on the site. Below is an example of how they read.

Recent Contributor: Tim Stevens from timsblog.com added the post What to do in Thailand? Want to share something great to the community blog? Join us!.

Note: You are dropped from the rotation after your post is greater than one month old. Simply submit a new post to be featured again.

Acknowledged – We know everyone has his or her unique talents, skills and knowledge. You will play an integral part in the growth, development, and decisions that happen here at Round World Travels. Again, we want you to work WITH US, not for us. If at any point you have an idea, anything at all, share it! We want this to be the best place it can be for everyone involved.

Opportunity to Advance – We will be monetizing the blog in ways that feel appropriate and not too distracting. This revenue funds paid assignments as well as other fun unique ideas to further advance Round World Travels. How about a riveting contest or perhaps some of you may even want to take on additional roles as the site grows. This money will fund that in addition to our marketing strategies, SEO and additional growth opportunities.

Advance through our Ranks – Speaking of advancing we have a fun ranking system to help engage all our members including non-authors as well. You will receive points for all the interactions you engage in while on Round World Travels. This is a fun system to help foster member participation. Here is a post describing our ranks: From Homebody to Travel Writer.

Be part of our Round the World Adventures #rtwa Instagram round up – Simply tag a photo on Instagram #rtwa, tell us where you are and what you are doing. It will appear in a future post round up. Leave your Instagram username to participate in #rtwa Round the World Adventures.

Apply to write with Round World Travels today, it’s easy!

Simply register for Round World Travels. Once you have a member profile hover over your profile name(top-right) >> Blog >> Add New. Normally this how you would add a new post but the blog is still locked until you are approved. Instead, you will be directed to a form where you briefly describe yourself and/or your blog. Once approved we will shoot you a message on the site. This should trigger a notification to your regular email notifying you of a new message on Round World Travels. You should definitely add me as an email contact so the messages aren’t accidentally sent to a spam folder. michael@roundworldtravels.com

Look forward to meeting you, Michael…