Zipped and Zapped Back 20 Years

Zipline in Bukidnon

Riding the longest zipline in Asia

Suspended on 840 meters of wire at 4,500 above sea level,  with nothing to hang on to except dear life, I rediscovered how to pray and called on all the angels and saints, even ancient gods and goddesses of the Vikings! I wanted to back out, but before I knew it I was being strapped  and hung like washing, ready for launch in plank position on the longest zipline in Asia. What was I thinking? At 42 with 2 teen-age kids and my own company to run, insurance, future…none of those! I was thinking what if the bloody thing stops in the middle and I get stuck? That would be embarrassing, like the time I got stuck in one of those enclosed water slides, but that’s another story.

Everything happened so quickly but my life was flashing before me in slow motion as I waited to be released. This was our first stop in a  week-long Mindanao adventure which included scuba diving, trekking, firefly watching in mangrove forest, white water rafting and dolphin interaction. We took the first flight from Manila to Cagayan de Oro, got picked up from the airport at 7:30am, and traveled approximately 2 hours through towns and a huge pineapple plantation.

The zipline is located in Dahilayan Adventure Park in the province of Bukidnon and regarded as the longest zipline in Asia. We purposely didn’t have a big breakfast to avert the release of puke bombs while traversing the length of the zipline at 30-60 kilometers per hour.

Then I heard the countdown…3…2…1…and I was released! It was exhilarating! Okay, I must admit I screamed like a school girl when I was launched but this was soon replaced by howls of achievement as I gathered the testosterone, hoping my companions would forget how I sounded earlier.

Within 2 seconds of being propelled I felt like superman. I was flying and it felt so good! I could see my shadow from the ground below and I was reminded of how I wanted to become Peter Pan, those green tights are a delight to wear. I remembered a scene in a spy movie on how to influence speed and started to experiment on the principle. I spread my arms and I slowed down, I put my arms flat to my sides and I sped up, so it is true.

In less than 2 minutes I could see the landing, I spread my arms to slow down, not wanting the experience to end, the freedom, the excitement, the youth, but it was inevitable. The ride had to end but the experience and memory of the rush and what seemed to be eternal seconds of being transformed back 20 years in time of how simple it was, my super heroes, and episodes of my favorite spy movies will remain in my spirit forever.

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  1. Michael

    That’s was a crazy fun read Elmer! I know exactly that feeling you are talking about….when you feel like 20 years just got shaved off your life (but in a good way!) Refreshing and Invigorating experience for sure.

  2. Elmer Cruz Post author

    Hey Edwin, I’ve been to Bohol too. Fantastic place! One of the best in the Philippines. I did my intro dive there a few years back and it inspired me to go for my certification. I am hoping to go back there sometime this year and swim with the barracudas in Balicasag island. Thanks for the comment! Safe journey.

  3. EJ Juen Jr

    Hi Elmer, it’s nice to know that you’ve been there. Balicasag’s diverse and colorful fishes are really unforgettable. I went there three months ago and I’ll try to go back a few years from now. I’ll look forward for your post about the barracudas.

  4. Elmer Cruz Post author

    Hey Edwin do you dIve? At some point I will be featuring dive spots and gears. Let me know what interests you and I’ll look in my travel vault! Cheers

  5. EJ Juen Jr

    Hey Elmer, no yet :). My wife is planning to go on diving in Apo Island, Dumaguete or in Donsol, Sorsogon later. I’m sure that your post about diving will give us good tips. Cheers.

  6. WYNNA

    Hi Edwin! I ran through your exchange of words with Mr. Elmer and I can’t help myself but comment about Apo Island. Been there just last year, and it’s totally AMAZING! just a meter or two from the shore you can see 5 ft corals and many more. Your eyes will be very busy by the time you dip yourself in the water. 🙂

  7. Elmer Cruz Post author

    Apo Island is still in my hit list this year. There’s just so many places to go to in the Philippines for diving and snorkeling. So far my best is Tubbataha Reef, but whenever I feel the itch I go to Anilao for a quickie and it still never fails to amaze me!

  8. EJ Juen Jr

    Hi Doreen, thanks for the info it sounds very exciting! I’m sure my eyes will be busy together with my camera lenses. 🙂

  9. loredana valles

    Really enjoyed reading this post, I can’t help my self from laughing imagining you scream like a school girl and you even called out for the viking gods! 😀

  10. WYNNA

    Good luck Mr. Edwin! Hope you’ll enjoy your journey to Apo Island. DO bring your underwater cam, it’s worth it. Too bad I forgot to bring mine last time. 😀

  11. noel

    hi elmer -next time try seven falls zipline in south cotobato,we did dahilayan in 2010 and seven falls last march ,anyone needs more info on places in mindanao -have been a few times and back again in a few months .

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